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Port-au-Prince: If Haiti's capital

Port-au-Prince is called the most dangerous city in the world, then it is not a big deal. Armed gangs are running gangs here. There is political turmoil here. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Frequent earthquakes, rising inflation, civil unrest and famine are major causes of turmoil here. But even bigger enemies are the gangs present here. There are about 200 armed gangs in Haiti's capital that commit atrocities and spread chaos.

According to the report of sikara news, there are about 20 murders every day, which are constantly creating a crisis. The most dangerous of these gangs is the so-called G9 alliance, led by a mafia named Barbecue. It is said about it that it burns its prey to death. The gangs present here have ruined the entire city and being alive everyday has become a battle. The country has become unstable after the assassination of President Jovenel Mosse in July. His murder is still a mystery .

60% of gangs are under control

There is no government in Haiti at the moment, so whoever is getting the opportunity is engaged in exploitation. Outgoing UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet had said that violence in the country has now reached unimaginable and intolerable levels. The United Nations has predicted that gangs now control 60 percent of the area in rajadhani. Gangs are terrorising the population by patrolling the streets by putting barricades on the streets here. "Gangs have become like a cancer," said Dr James Oliver from Vincennes-Saint-Dennis University. They control a small area. '

1300 people died in 4 months

In 2022, there has also been violence between gangs, which gradually reached areas where there was peace. The UN documented more than 1,300 murders, injuries and missing people between June and September. About 20 people are being killed every day in the capital. Thousands of people have had to leave their homes. Gangsters are running their own law in the city. Kidnappings are happening here continuously for ransom . Anyone who came in the firing is being killed. Children are also being shot while going to school .

Sikara provides award-winning coverage of the day's most important topics, including breaking news, business, finance, politics, sports, money earnings news, horoscope and entertainment.
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Washington, Firing in America: Firing incidents have once again come to light in America. Three shootings in 12 hours have rocked the entire US. Despite all the efforts, the firing incidents are not stopping here. At least eight people have been injured in a shooting at the Martin Luther King Day celebrations in Fort Pierce, Florida. Information about this incident has been given by the Sheriff's Office. It is being told that the program was being organized at Ilos Elise Park in Fort Pierce. A large number of people were present in the program. Live music, a variety of games for children were also being organized in the program. During this time there was firing. The cause of the shooting is yet to be ascertained. Police are investigating. An incident of indiscriminate firing has been reported in Goshen, California. Six people were killed in a shooting incident at a house here. The dead included a 17-year-old mother and her six-month-old baby, officials said. A search is on for the suspects, he said . The teams involved in the investigation believe that there could be a big reason behind the violence. A drug smuggling gang is believed to be behind the incident.
The Ukraine-Russia War has affected the economy of many countries. This war has also changed the business of many countries. One of them is India. That is why countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia in West Asia are no longer the largest suppliers of crude oil to India. Now the place has been taken by Russia. Russia has been India's largest supplier of crude oil in the month of November. This is the second consecutive month when Russia has emerged as the largest supplier of crude oil for India .
Fedral funds will be released to affected people in Mercedy, Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties following the president's order, the White House statement said. Biden also approved an emergency declaration for Alabama on Sunday. At least nine people died in the tornado .
With the increase in corona cases in China, the threat of a new wave has also started looming in countries like India, Japan and America. Meanwhile, China has released the official figure of deaths from Corona for the first time after removing the zero Covid policy. According to China's Health Ministry, 60 thousand people died from December 8 to January 12. Most of the people who died were above 65 years of age . Here, according to research by Peking University of China, 64% of the country's population i.e. 90 million people have been infected as of January 11. The report also said that 91% of the population of Gansu Province, 89% of the population of Henan Province, 84% of the population of Yunnan and 80% of the population of Qinghai Province are infected.
Britain's Royal Family's Prince Harry's book 'Spare' is making records in sales. On the day of its release on January 10, the book sold a record 4 lakh copies in the UK, the US and Canada . In this book, Prince Harry has made many personal revelations, including taking cocaine at the age of 17, having a relationship with a woman older than him, beating elder brother William, marrying Meghan and leaving the royal family.
Uranium found at London's Heathrow airport last month was not shipped from Pakistan. According to Pakistan's Foreign Ministry, the British government or investigative agencies have not reported the case of uranium found in it. Therefore, it can be assumed that he has nothing to do with this recovery .On Wednesday, British media reports claimed that a uranium packet was found in the cargo of a flight from Oman to London's Heathrow Airport on December 29. Its delivery was to be done to an Iranian businessman living in London. The packet was sent from Pakistan .
ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing attack in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. ISIS-Khorasan claimed that 20 people were killed in the blast. However, the Taliban are giving different numbers of dead. Khalid Zadran, spokesman for Kabul's police department, said five civilians were killed in the attack, while Ustad Faridun, an official at the Taliban's information More than 40 people injured in the blast were admitted to the hospital. Hospital director Stefano Souza said they had to set up beds in the kitchen and canteen to treat the injured, said 20 people had been killed .
Britain's health care system has come to a complete standstill. Patients are dying on hospital floors, corridors, stuck ambulances and other places due to the strike of health workers and the suspension of services. According to Adrian Boyle, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, "About 500 people are dying every week due to lack of treatment. ’
Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is about to be completed 11 months, but so far Russia has not been able to conquer Ukraine. At the same time, with the passage of time, Ukraine continues to stand strong and is causing great damage to the Russian army from time to time. Meanwhile, a big claim has been made from Ukraine. This claim has shaken the Russian military .Ukraine could win the war this year if Western countries increase arms supplies, especially long-range missile systems, Mikhailo Podoliyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said on Wednesday .
Air traffic in the US came to a standstill on Wednesday due to a malfunction in the NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) system. According to the New York Times, 3,578 flights were delayed. 450 domestic and international flights were canceled. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), flight operations gradually started after about 4 hours of trouble. According to aviation experts, it will take at least 2 days for the situation to return to normal How serious the matter is can be gauged from the fact that an emergency meeting was held in the White House on this matter. President Joe Biden sought a report from the Transport Secretary.
An explosion has been reported outside the Foreign Ministry in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. At the time of the blast, a meeting was going on between the Taliban and Chinese officials. According to the news agency AFP, it was a suicide attack. 20 people have died in the blast.
Washington, Agency. President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered a ceasefire in Ukraine from January 6 to 7. However, amid a two-day ceasefire, the US and Germany have announced several dozen Bradley combat vehicles to Ukraine in the wake of the war. In addition, the US will also send nearly three billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine. A joint statement after a phone call between President Joe Biden and Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the US would provide Ukraine with a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, while Germany would provide a murder infantry fighting vehicle.


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