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Haitians, other migrants in Mexico fight for access to humanitarian visas

In recent weeks, clashes between migrant groups in Tapachula, Mexico have become more frequent, according to local media. (Photo by EFE/ Juan Manuel Blanco)

BROOKLYN — Groups of migrants in Tapachula, Mexico have gotten into several confrontations stemming from efforts to access the National Institute of Migration’ local offices, according to media reports.

Various Latin American migrants demanding migration documents blocked a road behind the migration office building Mar. 11, but were dispersed by Haitians and African migrants,  Excelsior outlet reported.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s president, toured the region and offered visas to 150 migrants protesting during a press conference, reported Stamford Advocate. 

National Migration Institute officials reaffirmed in a press release that same day their commitment to “sustaining a humanitarian policy based on safe, organized and legal migration”. It highlighted that 800 humanitarian visas were handed to migrants from various nationalities the previous day.

Leonardo March is Brooklyn-based visual journalist from Puerto Rico. In a previous life Leonardo was a photographer and graphic designer, skills he’s refocusing to cover the Haitian Diaspora in the US. Leonardo can be reached at

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