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Haitian men are the fifth best equipped in the world when it comes to penis size, a study finds.
With an organ capable of reaching an average of 6.30 inches in erect length, the Haitians have the fifth biggest penis in the world, according to a study whose results have been reported by The Sun, New York Post, among others.
From the top of their chair as leaders of the World Top 5, the Haitians have beaten the French (6.20 inches), eleventh place, or the Americans (5.35), 59th position in the world ranking.
As for #1, Ecuador wins big. According to investigators, Ecuadorians have the largest penis in the world with a manly member measuring up to 6.93 inches. They are followed by Cameroonians (6.56).
Otherwise, the smallest male sex is said to be found in Cambodia, where a man’s thing would be 3.91 long when erect.
This study was conducted by researchers from the online pharmacy From Mars. This entity, specializing in men’s grooming, analyzed Google data for 86 different countries to arrive at these results.
Dominicans, beaten by their Haitian neighbors in a similar study established in 2012, seem absent from this current exercise.
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