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Last update on December 19, 2022, 10:01 am
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Source: Listin Diario
Enriquillo Park is a place of free recreation for the public, located on the emblematic Duarte Avenue in the very heart of Villa Francisca, in the National District. However, in recent years, it has become the site of immoral acts committed by prostitutes, the majority of whom are Haitian nationals. Since the citizens enter the park, they are already in a “special” market, where “any need is solved”, even if the National Police agents are in front of the square. Among the most common scenes is that Haitian women approach men who are walking through the park and subtly pass their hands over their backs. Men decide whether or not to reciprocate to the woman based on this action. This group is usually seen in the park late at night. In fact, “the later it is, the more merchandise there is,” a shoe shiner explained. The few clothes they wear, tight, short, and ripped, help identify that it is a woman offering her body for a sum of no more than RD$700.
“Those women are the owners of this park, they charge from RD$200 to RD$700 for a while with them; they take her to those motels, and then they come back and position themselves here (in the park),”  explained the shoe shiner, who preferred to remain anonymous. Another man stated that prostitutes frequently rob the belongings of those who are interested in them. 
“Hey, those Haitians aren’t easy, nor are the Dominicans there. It’s neither one nor two, the men who go with them and rob them, even take their watches and leave,” said the citizen. This depraved environment occurs in front of children, adults, and families who visit the park to recreate, have fun, or enjoy the surroundings; however, those visitors leave with a negative impression due to what exists in the area.

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There is a police station right across from the park, so how is that even being allowed. Cops are taking their cut from those women as usual.
It is allowed only if and only if the women are sex working for themselves only. If they sex work for handlers, then it is illegal.
This is when the country should register, license the sex workers, and obligate them to take mandatory health exams. Won’t happen !
Don’t blame the players….blame the game !

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