Haitian orphans safely flee gangs in Port Au Prince. But what's next? – KOSU

Nearly 100 orphans at the Hope for the Children of Haiti in Port Au Prince were quietly lined up two-by-two and told they were going on an outing in September.
Instead, they fled the gang-ridden neighborhood where those operating the home were seeing the signs of imminent danger. As the economic and political situation deteriorated in the country’s capital in recent months, gangs have seized control of nearly 60% of the capital where they’ve terrorized the population with kidnappings, extortion, rape and violence. More than 96,000 have fled.
Here & Now‘s Robin Young talks to Craig Miller, one of the founding members of the Hope for the Children of Haiti home that has operated in Port Au Prince for the last 26 years.

A child from the Hope for the Children of Haiti home who was evacuated to a safer location after gangs took over their Port Au Prince neighborhood. (Krista Guenin)
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