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Haitian man in viral Del Rio photo looking for US sponsor | Exclusive

Mirard Joseph, the Haitian man pictured in a viral photo of Border Patrol agents on horseback lassoing asylum seekers crossing into Texas, is looking for a financial supporter to help him enter America, he told The Haitian Times Monday.

“We’ve tried many ways to come, talked to lawyers, but nothing has worked,”Joseph said via WhatsApp from his home in Chile. “With this thing from Biden now, I want to take a chance.”

“I’m looking for someone who’s willing to be able to help,” he said. “I have a place to stay.”

Joseph is among scores of Haitians living in countries across the Americas who have reached out to The Haitian Times requesting help to find a sponsor to apply for entry to the U.S. through President Joe Biden’s new process for Haitians to apply for humanitarian parole. Joseph has family in North Lauderdale who can provide a place for Joseph and his family to stay, he said. However, they are unable to meet the financial obligations required of sponsors. 

The Del Rio photo: Birthday celebration turns into viral photo

Joseph had been in Mexico for one month, after walking there from Chile in July 2021, along with his wife and daughter. In September 2021, he crossed into the U.S. along with thousands of other Haitians and waited under the international bridge in Del Rio to be processed for asylum.  

On Sep. 19, the day his image was captured, Joseph said had crossed back to the Mexico side of the Rio Grande to get food so they could celebrate his daughter’s second birthday. 

When Joseph tried to return to the camp on the U.S. side, carrying back food, U.S. Customs and Border officers riding on horseback motioned for him and others crossing to stay on the Mexico side. They then chased Joseph and grabbed him by the shirt, while whirling their horse’s long reins.

He was detained and deported to Port-au-Prince, he said. He is now in Chile hoping to find a sponsor to come to the U.S. 

After the crisis in Del Rio, The Haitian Bridge Alliance filed a lawsuit against the U.S. and the administration asked for dismissal.

On Sep. 23 Joseph and his family were brought to the airport and initially told they were going to Washington, D.C, Joseph said. But they were really bound for Haiti. He arrived back in Port-au-Prince in the same violent neighborhood he tried to escape from.

Joseph went into hiding outside of Port-au-Prince and eventually him, his wife and daughter moved to Chile. On Monday he posted on his Instagram story a photo of him holding a magazine with the viral Del Rio photo asking for a sponsor to come forward with his WhatsApp number.

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