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TAMPA – The Haitian diaspora around the world is celebrating Haiti’s Independence, including communities in Tampa. 
January 1, 1804, is the day Haiti abolished slavery and declared freedom from France. 
Since then, the ‘Freedom Bowl,’ also know as Soup Joumou, is traditionally served to celebrate. 
The-pumpkin and squashed based soup that was once only reserved for slave masters is now the first cultural item from Haiti to receive international recognition. 
The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization has added the Haitian soup to their ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage list’
Beverline Baron of Tampa’s Kreyol Delight Restaurant says the soup is Haiti’s national symbol of freedom. 
"We (slaves) were forbidden to eat the soup," she said. "We made it all the time, but were not allowed to eat it. So, when we got our freedom, the first thing we did is make the soup and we were all able to partake in it because we were free." 
In Tampa, the soup was the only item on Saturday’s menu for many local Haitian restaurants. 
Kreyol Delight sold out within the first few hours of opening their business.


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