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Again this holiday season, St. Andrew’s Church in Newcastle will be hosting a benefit sale of Haitian arts and crafts. The sale will take place Saturday, Dec. 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Proceeds will go to St. Luke’s, a small school in the village of Figaro, just outside Gros Morne in northwestern Haiti that has been the focus of previous St. Andrew’s Haiti benefit efforts.
Life is difficult in Haiti at this time. A weak government has facilitated the rise of powerful armed gangs that have blocked the main roads and caused the prices of food, fuel and even water to go sky high. Offshoots of those same gangs have disrupted schooling even in the Gros Morne area. Fortunately a strong ecumenical committee in that area has managed to keep the schools going. Father Colbert, director of St. Luke’s school as well as a big school in Gros Morne, plays a major role in the committee, helping the community cope with their daily challenges.
In contrast to daily life in Haiti, Haitian art remains bright, colorful and beautifully crafted. The art and craft items on sale make wonderful gift options.
St. Andrew’s is located at 11 Glidden St. in Newcastle. For more information, you may call Frazier Meade at 563-8483.
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