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This Saturday, Haitian culture and history will be celebrated at Life of Hope’s 10th annual Haitian-American Heritage and Flag Day Celebration – Ayiti Nou La Toujou.
The event is being held at Cristo Rey Brooklyn Campus at 1377 Brooklyn Ave. in collaboration with New York Haitian Consulate Office.
The daylong celebration will kick off with a parade and Haitian arts festival from 11:00am to 12:30pm at the intersection of Nostrand Ave and Clarendon Road. The parade will be followed by a performing arts show from 12-6:00pm at the Cristo Rey Brooklyn/Life of Hope Campus.
The event will include “an outpouring of rich cultural experiences” with artists, musicians, local vendors, community leaders, and more, a spokesperson for the event said.
This celebration aims to bring together Haitians, local residents and visitors to sample, share and see authentic Haitian culture and its influence in the recovery and reopening of the city, they said.
The Ayiti Nou La Toujou program is a special tradition within the Haitian community and has dual purposes, the spokesperson said.
The first purpose is to celebrate the rich Haitian history and culture and the second is to remove barriers, support health and wellness, and empower the community to improve lives during the pandemic.
Haitian Flag Day, typically celebrated on May 18, is a Haitian holiday marking the creation of the Haitian flag, and uprising of the Haitian people and following revolution that freed them from French rule. The flag was originally sewn on May 18, 1803 by Catherin Flon and it is a source of pride for Haitians worldwide.
Brooklyn is home one of largest Haitian communities in the United States.
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