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According to the report, the online petitions in support of Haiti's new constitutional amendments have been created by the founder and leader of Jeunes Dirigeants Haïtiens Progressistes. The petitions are currently available in two versions.
One version is in English and the other in French. There are already some signatures on them. The people who signed believe Haiti needs a new constitution that guarantees equal opportunity for all its citizens.
Haitians across Haiti and in the Diaspora believe the new constitution should allow candidates over the age of 25 and older to run for the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. They believe the outcome of the old constitution did not bring any results in the country after many years under its law. Therefore, many feel it is worth amending the constitution. All Haitians deserve a chance too.
The former Haitian President and other officials initially suggested the new constitution, but it was delayed due to a high COVID caseload. Most leaders believe the former President's proposed constitution needs to be modified as amendments. The additional amendments should allow 25-year-old and older candidates to run for the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.
The current Prime Minister will have to amend and establish the new constitution that the former president and other officials suggested, so candidates under the age of 35 will have the chance to participate in the upcoming general elections to be elected in one of the branches of government of their choice. The new constitution also suggests a number of additional beneficial changes for the nation that will improve the lives of all of its citizens.
The online petitions in favor of the new constitution were created by rising Haitian politician Werley Nortreus and other leaders who support the same exact cause. The creator of the petitions is among the leaders who are engaged in a bid to change the country's situation. It is an opportunity for a new Haiti, where everyone is included in the country's prosperity after many years of suffering.
Werley Nortreus is a Haitian musician, author, entrepreneur, and rising politician. He was born and raised in Haiti. He is currently known as the founder and leader of some political organizations, including Jeunes Dirigeants Haïtiens Progressistes, which is a political party based in Haiti. Throughout his career, he is known as a black leader who keeps speaking out about racism, discrimination, inequality, and other issues in the world. He created petitions asking for new amendments to the constitution in Haiti because he believes everyone deserves equal opportunities and a better life. Most notably his home country of Haiti, a heavily exploited country that has become the poorest country in the world.
The rising politician Nortreus is known for many quotes, including political quotes on Haiti. “Haiti needs young educated people with strong leadership skills to take over and lead the country in the right direction”, Werley Nortreus wrote as a quote on leadership and Haiti.
“The only way to have a new Haiti is to establish a new constitution that gives candidates who are 25 years old and older the right to run for a position among the three branches of the government according to their choice. A new constitution where everyone is included is the only way Haitians will be able to change the miserable situation that Haiti is in because of its old constitution”, Werley Nortreus said about why he created the petitions.
If anyone wants to sign the petitions in order to get the suggested amendments into effect. Please visit Change.org and MesOpinions.com , then search for the name Werley Nortreus to find them easily.
To conclude, Werley Nortreus also told the press that Haiti must focus on constitutional changes, security for the country, and fair elections that also include younger candidates in all 3 branches.
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