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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Once the gem of the Caribbean region and an inspiration to so many countries around the world, Haiti was the mecca of what it took a Black State to throw off the control of a colonial and metropolitan country and to carve a bright and independent future for itself, and the model for other countries under the yoke of colonialism.
Now today Haiti is spiraling out of control and is heading to become a failed State. It has been a year since President Moise was assassinated at his home by a team that is yet to be apprehended and tried for this crime.
That lack of, and failure to bring to justice those who masterminded and created this situation in Haiti has created a vacuum and a monster that is bringing the country to its knees. It is clear that the assassination was well masterminded, well financed, and that those who wanted the President to be assassinated are still in control, and to a large extent financing the chaos and violence that is being now seen in such horrific manner in Haiti today. This situation now in Haiti is that people are afraid to go to work; people are afraid to go to school, people are afraid to even go for basic and necessary healthcare because of the ongoing violence.
The vacuum created by the assassination of President Moise has in the last year,  just in the last six month, accounted for over a thousand killings, more than a thousand injuries and over 700 kidnappings just in the corporate area alone. From July 8 through 12 at least 250 more people were killed in gang related violence in the city Cite Soleil area. This violence is well organized and is serving the purpose of those who want to see an unstable Haiti and want to see a Haiti that is not in control of its own destiny.
The history of Haiti has demonstrated that there is no lack of talent of Haitians in Haiti and in the diaspora to govern the country in an effective and manageable way. The history of Haiti has shown a people determined and committed to their own development. But the history of Haiti has also been one where there has been competing external agendas that  are   imposed upon the people of Haiti,  and has in fact prevented the country from realizing its full potential; this seems to be the case in today’s situation – the high level of crime, the availability of arms to these gangs and the funding of the operation of these gangs are all indications of external agenda, looking to control the activities and the governance of Haiti.
The upsurge of fighting among gangs, the control of food and fuel supplies to community businesses and institutions by these gangs are all a part of the effort to control Haiti and its position in the region.
The United States has pronounced its support for the interim government of Dr. Ariel Henry and is pushing him and the government to come together, as they put it, to develop a plan for elections and a plan to have a legislature in action going forward.
This is impossible in the current environment and needs to be reviewed in light of on the ground situation and on the ground needs for stability and restoration of the rule of law. The US position is also criticized for its constant policy of deporting Haitians back to this chaotic situation. The last six months, more than 24,000 Haitians were deported back to Haiti by the US to a situation where their lives are in danger, and there is no hope for any future for these deportees, but the US nonetheless turns a blind eye to this and just keeps deporting Haitians back to Haiti,  and Haitians in desperation are taking all the risks and trying every means to leave a country, a country that is clearly out of control and not serving the needs of the general population.
The United Nations has sounded the alarm, the alarm of the abuse that is being handed out by the Violence, the gruesome violence being perpetrated by the armed gangs against the local community and local institutions. The UN is trying to devise a means to cut off the supply of arms that is getting to the gangs that continues to feed their needs for control and their use of violence, and a Resolution is being considered by the United Nations Security Council to pass a Resolution to ban all sales of weapon to Haiti and calling on all members to prohibit any sales of small arms,  weapons or ammunition to non-state actors in Haiti.
Caricom recently from their summit meeting voted to send a delegation to Haiti; we see this as a very wise and necessary move that should be supported by all regional governments and certainly by the international institutions of the United Nations and also regional institutions like the OAS and of course the United States.
The very strong Haitian diaspora in the United States is also an area that should be looked at in a problem-solving situation. 
There is a wealth of talent, a wealth of goodwill, a wealth of understanding for the Haitian position, and a history that should be supported  with the Haitian ability to govern themselves effectively.
We think with the combination of Caricom and its own experience in the Caribbean region, its close ties to Haiti, working alongside a strong delegation of Haitians in the diaspora, can carve a program of reconstruction and rebuilding of Haiti that is sensitive to the needs of Haiti incorporating the input and the desires of Haitians who have been on the ground and who are clear about the potential and the future of the country and come together in solving the issue of Haiti, the restoration of the rule of law and the establishment of the legislative branch and executive branch of government with guidance and transition, supported, organized around Caricom and its principles, supported by the strong Haitian diaspora in the region and  have a collective effort to solve this particular problem.
One thing is sure  this cannot continue, this rule of violence, rule of killing, kidnapping and, just a gang of people being orchestrated, manipulated by interests that are not in Haiti’s best interest, cannot continue and is allowing the country to spiral out of control.
This has to be a priority for the Haitian Diaspora. Those who are elected leaders need to look at this as a top priority.  Haiti in reality is what needs to be addressed. And so with the expertise of Caricom and the drive and co-operation, determination and resources in the diaspora, with pressure being brought to bear on the United States of America and an enlightened policy towards Haiti, and certainly with the strength of the UN and its own realization that this situation has to be arrested, that this combination, this plan of Caricom, plan of regional experts that are sensitive to Haitian and Haitian needs and  the Haitian diaspora,  and working in tandem with those who are on the ground in Haiti that this can work, and this can be a solution for this vexing problem of violence.
Haiti deserves our attention. Haiti deserves our support. Haiti deserves our guidance, deserves our resources, and it deserves all the attention to restore its glory and certainly its leadership. The Caribbean and the world will be better off for Haiti in its true position in the region and in global activities.
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