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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The United Nations (UN) issued a warning on Tuesday that cholera infections were sharply rising in Haiti, where the number of suspected cases had nearly doubled in only a few days.
According to Ulrika Richardson, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator in Haiti, “Up until a few days ago, the increase of cholera cases had been gradual but now we are seeing a worryingly sharp increase, so the situation has become more challenging.”
Although cholera can be deadly, she added that it can also be prevented and treated and that  “speed is of the essence” in order to restrict the spread.
Richardson praised the “immediate and decisive” work being done by Haitian authorities and NGOs with UN support as they continue to struggle with severe fuel and clean water shortages brought on by gang blockades.
According to Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN secretary-general, between October 20 and 23, the number of suspected cases reported by Haiti’s health ministry increased from about 1,000 to nearly 2,000.
He continued by saying that roughly half of the instances involved youngsters under the age of 14, according to UNICEF.
In the most devastated areas of the capital city of Haiti, Richardson claimed to have visited a number of cholera treatment facilities where she had witnessed horrific situations, including  “children who were so malnourished, it was difficult to insert a drip into their arms or legs.”
Early in October, three years after Haiti finally put an end to an outbreak that started in 2010 and claimed more than 10,000 lives, cholera struck the nation once more.
The government of Haiti has requested assistance from the international community to address its escalating health and security concerns.
In response to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ appeal, the UN Security Council is thinking of dispatching an international force to restore order.
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