Haiti: Political Factions Agree To Pursue Dialogue – teleSUR English

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by Manish Rai
by Fernando Casado
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"It is not necessary to be 100 percent in agreement on all issues and in all details, in order to decide to move forward together," Prime Minister Ariel Henry said. 
Haiti’s main political forces agreed on Wednesday to continue exchanges to reach a consensus after their meetings had been suspended several times over differences.
Gang Clashes Leave Nearly 200 Dead in Haiti

The decision was considered based on a letter from the Prime Minister, who said that “it is not necessary to be 100 percent in agreement on all issues and all details, to decide to move forward together.”
The Prime Minister called for the need to initiate “unconditionally serious and in-depth discussions on the essential issues on which there is already a convergence of views.” 
The factions led by the Haitian Prime Minister and the leader of Montana, Magalie Comeau Denis, established the representatives who will attend the next meetings.
La situation de notre pays commande à tous ceux qui disent vouloir le sortir de ses crises multiples de faire preuve de dépassement et de tout mettre en œuvre pour rassembler tous les Haïtiens dans un sursaut patriotique autour d’un projet national commun.
The situation of our country commands all those who say they want to get it out of its multiple crises to show proof of overcoming and to do everything possible to bring together all Haitians in a patriotic outburst around a common national project.
On the one hand, the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Josué Pierre-Louis; the Secretary of State for the integration of persons with disabilities, Génard Joseph; and former senators Edmonde Supplice Beauzile and Louis Gérald will be among those participating.
For the Montana team, Magalie Comeau Denis; Jacques Ted St-Dic; Dunois Erick Cantave; Ernst Mathurin; as well as former deputies Hugues Célestin and Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé.
According to the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights, 191 people have been killed due to clashes between armed gangs in the north of Port-au-Prince. One hundred seven men, 76 women and eight minors were among the victims.
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