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As protests, violence and now cholera seize Haiti, check here for updates from The Haitian Times team on the ground for the latest seen and heard.
I am so confused. While the Haitian Times is publishing articles that falls in line with saying that the cause of the Haitian Crisis is the result of gangs; the alleged “perpetrators/ gang members” have quite a different message that says that they’re only fighting to eliminate the corruption that’s plaguing the country. Which narrative is true? https://youtu.be/FEad7f2CMOQ
And in the face of unbiased reporting, why isn’t any of the narratives from the actual perpetrators being published? Isn’t that what true journalism is about?
After not seeing any articles from the other side being posted, I am forced to think that there’s some type of one-sided agenda going on. And just to be clear, I’m not saying that what Barbecue is averring is true. I’m not for him or against him, but what I am saying is that if his message is not true, should we not publish it, then engage in a fact-checking mission to show the readers it’s faults, in order to dissuade the masses from being sympathetic to his cause??? Or if his message is true, should we not put it out there so legitimate reform can be made???
WE WANT Fair and Honest Elections Now: Open Letter to Ariel Henri, Jean Ceneus , Secretary General of UN, OAS, EU, CARICOM.IF Hungary can do it, Haiti can do it. Haiti is not the only with gangtotal of 166 ballot boxes will be set up across Türkiye for Bulgaria’s snap elections on Sunday, according to a regional representative of one of the parties taking part in the vote.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Güner Çetin of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms stressed the importance of the coming election being held after political parties in the country failed to form a government earlier this year.
Bulgarians with dual Turkish citizenship also had the right to cast their ballot in the elections, Çetin said and called on people to vote.
“There are 166 ballot boxes in Türkiye for these elections. We opened these ballot boxes by collecting declarations from citizens. In other words, they declared that they wanted to vote,” he said, noting that “at least 110,000 votes” were expected to be cast in these elections.
He added: “I’d like to make a call, especially to young people, that everyone should head to the polls on Sunday to support the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and do their best for the stability of Bulgaria.”
Bulgaria is set to hold snap elections on Sunday, as the third and final attempt to form a government in the country failed this summer.
The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), which on July 18 was given the mandate to form a government, officially returned it to President Rumen Radev.
These elections will be the fourth in two years for the Balkan country, which has been marred by political instability since Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s government was toppled in a no-confidence vote in June.
According to a recent poll, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms continues to command vast support from the country’s Turkish minority and is forecast to receive over 10% of votes in total.
In addition, the Gallup International and Alpha Research polls predict the ethnic Turkish MRF party will come in third with 12%-13% of the vote, just ahead of the ultra-nationalist and pro-Russian Revival party with 11%-13%.s.
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