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Bridging the gap
There were at least 110 cases of kidnapping in Haiti so far in 2021, according to the Human Rights Analysis and Research Center (CARDH).
In February, CARDH counted at least 50 cases of kidnapping and at least 60 in January. The total is on pace to surpass numbers from this time last year, when 51 people were reported kidnapped during the first three months of 2020. Source
Government officials remove tint from their vehicle windows ahead of ban
Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe announced that the government will temporarily prohibit the use of vehicles with tinted windows, he ordered that all the government vehicles assigned to his office to be untinted Thursday.
The tinting ban will go into effect on Saturday. Officials have not said how long the ban will last.
Ex-Senator Jean Renel Senatus also took the tint off his vehicle’s windows.
Senate discusses Haiti crisis with French group, Taiwanese
The Senate and the international organization of the Francophone countries met on Thursday to discuss the ongoing political crisis and the need for constitutional and democratic order.
“Members of this delegation wanted to know what’s happening in the country and how they can help unblock the situation,” said Joseph Lambert, president of the Senate.
The Senate also met with Taiwan’s Ambassador to Haiti on Wednesday to talk about a way out of the crisis and how to pursue developmental projects around the country. Source
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by Onz Chéry, The Haitian Times
March 5, 2021
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