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The remaining 12 missionaries of a group of 17 who were kidnapped by an armed gang in Haiti in October have been released.
Christian Aid Ministries confirmed the news on its website.
Five of the hostages had already been released in recent weeks.
The group – consisting of 16 Americans and one Canadian, including children, were abducted after they visited an orphanage in an area run by a powerful criminal gang.
They were returning from the visit when the bus they were travelling in was seized by gang members on a main road in the town of Ganthier, east of the capital Port-au-Prince.
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Who are the kidnapped missionaries?
Haiti kidnappers 'demand $17m' for missionaries
The group, which comprised of missionaries and their families, included five men, seven women and five children. The adults are aged from 18 to 48 years old, while the children are all under 15 years old.
When the group was first abducted on 16 October, The Washington Post reported that one of them had posted a WhatsApp message calling for help.
"Please pray for us!! We are being held hostage, they kidnapped our driver. Pray pray pray. We don't know where they're taking us," it said.
The gang, known as 400 Mazowo, was demanding a ransom of $1m (£740,000) for each of the 17 hostages.
Two people were freed in November, and another three in early December, but their identities were not revealed.
All members of the group were finally freed two months after being kidnapped. Their release followed weeks of negotiations with 400 Mazowo, police spokesman Gary Desrosiers told AFP news agency, ending an ordeal brought global attention to the Haiti's growing problem of gang abductions.
Whether a ransom was paid is unknown, and it is unclear what happened to the group's Haitian driver.
Kidnapping is one of the main activities that the 400 Mazowo criminal gang uses to finance itself.
In April, its members abducted a group of Catholic clergy who were later released, and it is unclear if a ransom was paid.
Haiti has one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world, as powerful gangs exploit the lawless situation to profit from ransom payments.
This year has been particularly bad, with nearly 800 kidnappings reported before the end of October.
The rise has come in the wake of President Jovenel Moïse's assassination in July, as rival factions fight to gain control of the country in the face of a struggling police force.
The 12 remaining missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti in October have been released, according to the Christian group they worked for."We glorify God for answered prayer-the remaining twelve hostages are FREE! Join us in praising God that all seventeen of our loved ones are now safe," Christian Aid Ministries said in a statement. "Thank you for your fervent prayers throughout the past two months. We hope to provide more information as we are…
The 12 remaining members of a Christian missionary group who were kidnapped by a Haitian gang in October have been released, Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries said Thursday.The big picture: The release comes two months after police say the 400 Mawozo gang kidnapped 17 U.S. and Canadian missionaries in Port-au-Prince and demanded a ransom. Five of the abducted missionaries had previously been released. Get market news worthy of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.The details of the
(Reuters) -The last 12 Canadian and American missionaries from a group kidnapped in October in Haiti have been released, police said on Thursday, ending an ordeal that brought global attention to the Caribbean nation's growing problem of gang abductions. The group, which was abducted by a gang known as 400 Mawozo after visiting an orphanage, originally numbered 17 people on a trip organized by Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). The 400 Mawozo gang, which controls territory to the east of the capital Port-au-Prince, had said it was seeking a ransom of $1 million for each of the missionaries.
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Haiti has experienced a series of crises this year, from the middle-of-the-night assassination of its president to a devastating earthquake to kidnappings by warring gangs and now a deadly fuel tanker blast in its second-largest city.
The coronavirus pandemic has forced some city dwellers to move back to the countryside to survive.
Less than two two weeks before Christmas, the remaining 12 hostages in Haiti have been released, according to a statement from Christian Aid Ministries.
More than two months after they were kidnapped, the remaining 12 missionaries held hostage by a Haitian gang have been released. Five of the hostages were freed last month.
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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — The remaining members of a U.S. missionary group who were kidnapped two months ago in Haiti have been freed, Haitian police and the group said Thursday. The spokesman for Haiti’s National Police, Gary Desrosiers, confirmed to The Associated Press that the hostages had been released, but did not immediately provide additional details. “We glorify God for answered prayer — the remaining 12 hostages are FREE!” Christian Aid Ministries said in a statement.
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The remaining 12 hostages from a U.S.-based missionary group have been released by the Haitian gang that had held them for two months, Haitian authorities and the missionary group confirmed Thursday. Haitian police confirmed to ABC News that the hostages were released Thursday morning in a suburb of the country's capital Port-au-Prince, and a Haitian National Police patrol picked them up. Last week, three more missionaries were released, but Christian Aid Ministries declined to provide more information on their identities or how their release was secured.


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