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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti (CEH) has denounced the widespread violence in the nation while pleading with organized crime groups and those who support them to “stop the murderous madness of hatred, [and] of contempt for life”.
Following their Plenary Assembly, the bishops of the CEH sent a Christmas greeting in which they expressed their regret for the wicked and perverted logic of weaponry, which they claimed was the furthest from God’s intention.
The Bishop expressed, “instead of fratricidal war, we must invest in peace and love, in the reorganization of our infrastructure, health and education systems, as well as the change of our mentalities. It is time to rebuild our institutions, especially Justice, to curb the culture of impunity which is the logical cause of the perpetuation of corruption and violence in the country in order to guarantee, in a spirit of belonging to this land of Haiti, a better future for future generations.”
Haiti has descended into anarchy as a result of kidnappings for ransom by criminal gangs and mass protests by opposition political parties demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry’s administration. New presidential and parliamentary elections have also been demanded by the opposition parties.
President Jovenel Moise was assassinated on July 7 of last year, and Henry, who took over as president, has pleaded with the international community to deploy soldiers to help keep the peace.
Henry has been denouncing those who, in his opinion, aims to take over the country’s democratic system without first obtaining the consent of the people. While it seems doubtful, he has promised that elections will be held in the nation by the end of 2022.
As other social groups have already stated, the CEH indicated that “we believe that it is necessary and urgent to provide effective support to the National Police both in equipment, logistics, and combat conditioning as well as in treatment and review of personnel to help fight the scourge of crime and create a climate conducive to the normalization of life in the country.”
“The establishment of a security climate in the country remains one of the necessary conditions for the resumption of economic, cultural, and social activities and the organization of democratic and transparent elections,” the bishops added.
The bishops issued a dire warning, saying that “unbearable conditions of the country push a large number of our compatriots to take refuge, in all haste and by all means, in territories where they are not always welcome”.
In a statement, the CEH said that while it did not specifically mention the Dominican Republic,“ closer to home, in the neighboring Republic, Haitians are subjected to unspeakable treatment, which tramples on the principles and imperatives of human rights, international humanitarian law, refugee law and, especially, the Protocol of 1999 Agreement on the conditions for processing the return of illegal Haitian migrants.”
According to the Bishop, “this affects the relations of friendship and good neighborliness between the citizens of the two Republics and creates inter-generational friction. In this sense, we of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti are in talks with the Conference of Dominican Bishops on this migration issue.”
In an effort to persuade the Haitian people to remain in their own country, they have also invited the authorities to take the necessary steps to address the problem and improve the living and well-being circumstances of the people there.
The CEH noted, “we encourage, moreover, a gesture of appeasement capable of releasing tensions in migratory relations between the two countries condemned to share common borders indefinitely and live together.”
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