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Haiti Babii went viral a couple of years ago thanks to his infamous freestyle that combined a whole bunch of different flows. Since that time, he has been experimenting with his sound and he has also come through with some successful projects that have helped bolster his fanbase. Now, Haiti Babii is gearing up to drop Trap Art II, and to get things started, he has released a new single called “Party Roccin.”
With this track, the artist pays homage to his hometown of North Stockton, California. He drops numerous references to the neighborhood, and the overall vibe of the song is a confident one in which he reiterates his status within the city. The beat and flows are undeniably West Coast, and as a whole, it is another solid offering from the artist.
Quotable Lyrics:
A cuz I think we roccin south side back to north stoccton
And you better run fast cuz I’m back, back on yo ass
You can look me in yo eyes bitch I got Murder on my mind
Where my cash at all you do is waste a n***a time
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