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Monday, January 10, 2022

As we celebrate the 218th year of the Independence of Haiti, we need to look to Haiti as this gem that should be polished and shined again. The headlines of today do not reflect the glory of Haiti and its significance in the world of achievement. Haiti was, as we all know, the first black independent country in the world, the first country in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery, and the first country to force freedom by defeating the major European armies of the day.
 Haiti is an inspiration to all of us, but especially to black people of the world who could see a path to freedom by looking at the Haitian example and looking at the accomplishment of Haiti. Haiti was then the shining star and one of the countries that were respected and looked at in admiration for centuries. S0 we need to keep that in mind, this celebration and the history of Haiti, as we look at the current situation of assassination, attempted assassination, breaking of the rule of law, and ponder what has brought this great country to this current situation and what is needed to restore the glory of Haiti.
We need to remind ourselves, remind people of the history, the inspiration, and the accomplishment of Haiti and how much is, how much we owe her as a country, and how much we need to work now to protect Haiti and have her as a full-fledged member of the Caribbean and CARICOM family.
Haiti shattered the world’s understanding of what freedom is and brought a new awareness and a new understanding of the aspiration of black people in their great battle for freedom.
 As Congressman Rangel would say from time to time, that Haiti is the Mecca of Black People; it is where black people excelled at their best, and we should treat it as such. And so the purpose of the editorial is to remind us of Haiti’s greatness, to remind us of how much we hold Haiti and how much Haiti means to us, and to recommit ourselves to the greatness of Haiti, understanding fully the forces that are at work, the forces that have brought Haiti to the position it is in today as one of the poorest countries in the world, and certainly in the Western Hemisphere, but that this is not Haiti’s rightful position. Haiti has a history of glory and a history of achievement, and we need to take responsibility as people of the world, black people, to see to it that Haiti is returned to its glory.
As we celebrate the 218th year of independence, certainly a great achievement for a great country, and it’s now for us, every black person in the world to commit to restoring Haiti to its glory, to commit to working with international institutions, regional arrangements in the Caribbean, to work with Haiti to bring about stability and economic development to this country.
At a time when we are seeing the racial reckoning, we are seeing the international disparities and inequalities that are forced upon people of color globally, we should look to Haiti as an inspiration, and we should look to Haiti as an obligation to maintain its glory and to inspire action for people of color around the world.
So the movement that exists now globally in inequalities and reparation, and restoration of the sovereignty of countries and people should not miss Haiti, and we’d like to urge all people of color around the world to look to Haiti as the shining gem it was, as the freedom fighting country that has inspired so much, and to whom we owe so much in terms of freedom, and come together with Haitians in the diaspora, with Haitians in the country and international support to bring Haiti back to its glory days. 
This is a pledge that we would want to see taken up by all levels of government, at least beginning in the United States, City, State, and Federal, and certainly move to first regional, and then the global expansion of the effort to restore Haiti to its glory days, to restore Haiti to its rightful place and to have the inspiration, as we celebrate Haiti’s independence to work with the country for stabilization, reconciliation, and reconstruction, to strengthen the governance and the rule of law in that country, and to bring about national health and educational understanding, educational reform, foster economic growth, and certainly work with the country with respect to climate change and to build a better tomorrow for the people of Haiti, they deserve it, and we must work to achieve that and restore Haiti to its glory. 
To Haitians in the diaspora and the people of Haiti, we wish them not just a happy 218th Anniversary, but one of restoration and redevelopment, to a position of pride in the world.
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