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Monday, October 3, 2022

A Haitian official reported on Thursday that at least 12 convicts died in Haiti in the month that ended in mid-September from a lack of food or medicine, and that the number had probably increased since then because of a gang blockade that had led to severe fuel shortages.
According to Renan Hedouville, director of Haiti’s Office of Citizen Protection, prisoners are dying from malnutrition or, in some cases, avoidable illnesses like tuberculosis as a result of the jails’ deteriorating conditions.
Hedouville, whose position is comparable to an ombudsman, stated in a telephone interview that “Prisoners, people in detention, people deprived of their freedom, are exposed to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatments.”
“When someone is jailed, the security of the person in the prison depends on the Haitian state.”
54 prison deaths associated with malnutrition were reported between January and April, according to a June report by the United Nations Security Council, and a shortage of food brought on the majority of these deaths.
Since it has been hard to travel the country due to the gang blockade, Hedouville’s office and local human rights organizations have not been able to determine whether more individuals have perished in the past two weeks, he added.
Additionally, because family members, who usually provide meals for individuals in jail, cannot access the facilities, feeding detainees has made it more difficult.
Families of the deceased should arrange a lawsuit against the state for carelessness, according to Hedouville.
Vast portions of the country’s land are now under the authority of Haitian gangs, who occasionally engage in brutal turf warfare that kills hundreds and drives thousands of people from their homes.
U.S. politicians said on Thursday that the country should think about penalizing gang leaders and those who provide them with funding.
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