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Migrants were ‘transported to the border’ with Honduras, from where they had entered Guatemala illegally.
Police in Guatemala have found 54 Haitian migrants, including 14 children, travelling towards Mexico in a truck trailer with the hope of reaching the United States, according to officials.
Two Guatemalans suspected of driving the truck were detained, police spokesman Jorge Aguilar said in a statement on Tuesday.
The Haitians were “immediately given assistance and transported to the border” with Honduras, from where they had entered Guatemala illegally.
Scores of Haitians have arrived in Central America trying to reach the US, adding to the already large numbers of people from the region also looking for a brighter future there.
Many Haitians arrive in Central America after crossing the treacherous Darian Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama.

Upwards of 100,000 migrants have crossed the Darian Gap in 2021 so far, according to official Panamanian figures, almost as many as during the past six years combined.
More than 50 migrants have died trying to cross that jungle this year alone, according to Panamanian authorities.
The jungle route is full of peril, including wild animals, armed gangs and dangerous rivers.
‘Haiti is too dangerous’ to repatriate migrants seeking protection in the US, Daniel Foote tells legislators.
Removal from Mexico follows US expulsions of thousands of Haitian asylum seekers, which drew widespread criticism.
Abduction of American and Canadian missionaries highlights increasing lawlessness in Caribbean nation.
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