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As of Wednesday, September 21, 2022
FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell.
FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said the Davis administration agrees with CARICOM’s recent statement expressing concern about the security situation and social circumstances in Haiti.
When asked what more CARICOM could do to assist Haiti, the foreign minister said the bloc can provide moral support and help mobilise the international community.
According to CARICOM, the continued breakdown in law and order, and its affect on the people of Haiti, is “intensifying”.
The group believes this current dilemma is exacerbated by the country’s security force’s inability to address the violence issue.
“The unrest is having a negative impact on the already weak economy leading to even more mass demonstrations. Especially the worsening social conditions and the limited availability of food require urgent and immediate attention from the international community,” CARICOM said in a recent statement.
CARICOM called for all stakeholders to engage meaningfully with the aim to find a way forward and to “put country first and address the situation urgently”.
Yesterday, Mr Mitchell said the government agrees with CARICOM’s position.
Asked what more CARICOM can do to assist Haiti, Mr Mitchell answered: “They can provide moral support and help mobilise the international community.”
He believes it is difficult to predict whether the current situation in Haiti will lead to more migrants heading to The Bahamas.
Following the kidnapping of a local worker at the Bahamas Embassy in Haiti earlier this month, Mr Mitchell said the voluntary order that allows staff who feel unsafe to withdraw is still in place, however, the international airport is closed.
He said: “All staff continue to work from home. The embassy’s premises are under security watch and safe. All personnel are safe when last advised today.”
He said he is unable to comment on the alleged kidnapping.
Last month, Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis said it is important that The Bahamas help find a solution to the issues in Haiti that influence a continued exodus of its citizens to this country.
Mr Davis said The Bahamas is one of the lead heads of a CARICOM committee that has been given the responsibility of ensuring that a solution is found.
“It is a concern and you have seen the desperation of Haitian people in an attempt to escape the challenges that they are experiencing in Haiti,” Mr Davis had said when asked if the issue could affect immigration in The Bahamas.
“And we have to be concerned just for humanity. From a humanitarian point of view, you have to be concerned of the plight of our fellow human beings in Haiti and for The Bahamas,” he also said.
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