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Bridging the gap

By Erin Kuschner, Boston.com Staff
A new food truck focused on Haitian cuisine is about to hit the streets of Boston.
The truck, called Gourmet Kreyòl, has been a lifelong dream for co-owner Nathalie Lecorps. Growing up in Miami, Lecorps discovered her passion for cooking by spending time at Gourmet Creole, a Haitian restaurant that her parents owned and operated for more than two decades.
“I loved being there,” she said, remembering Saturdays spent helping out at the restaurant. “I loved how happy people were just sitting around eating and enjoying time with their family and friends. I loved being a part of that process. After working there, I envisioned myself actually taking over my parents’ business.”
Life had other plans, though. Her parents divorced, and Lecorps entered the medical field, where she worked for 12 years before moving to Boston in 2018 at the urging of her cousin, Karyn Glemaud.
Now, Lecorps and Glemaud are starting a new chapter: Gourmet Kreyòl launches the week of April 19. The name is a nod to Lecorps’s original family restaurant, but the new concept is a Haitian food truck, which they said is the first of its kind in Boston. Once the truck debuts, it will operate two days a week, leaving the weekends open for special events and catering. Lecorps and Glemaud are considering a few locations around Boston, but are leaning toward Jamaica Plain, Ashmont, or the South End.
Nailing down the food truck’s menu was a compromise between its two founders.Continue reading
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That’s wonderful. Wished we could have something like that in Saint Louis Missouri. My best wishes 💘
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April 12, 2021
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