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RANDOLPH – Gourmet Kitchen, with its mixture of Island and Asian flavors, is bringing brand new flavor options to Randolph, from pineapple honey wings to deep-fried jerk wontons and slow-cooked pulled oxtail sandwiches.
Phouthanome Phoubaykham, 35, the part-owner of the new restaurant, wanted to bring some new dining options to town with signature dishes that represent the diverse population of Randolph, she said.
The Caribbean and Asian fusion-style restaurant located at 1179 North Main St. opened in September, and business is steady and growing. The inspiration for the cuisine comes from the Haitian, Jamaican and Southeast Asian cultures. 
“We have friends and family from all types of communities and cultures, and we enjoy different foods from all over the world. We wanted our restaurant to be unique but also cater to different people with our cuisine,” Phoubaykham said.
The Caribbean flavors are a fan favorite for the multicultural restaurant.
Sebastien Joseph, a frequent customer of Gourmet Kitchen, enjoys eating the oxtail sandwich, mac and cheese and chicken smothered in jerk seasoning, he said.
“One thing I like is the music they play in the background. It’s a positive vibe with nice staff and top-notch customer service. Every time I come here, I at least see one person I know, Joseph said.
“It’s a great place to socialize and enjoy food with lots of flavors. If you come in, you have to try the lunch specials, anything with jerk seasoning, and most importantly, the pineapple honey wings.”
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The lunch menu is the hidden gem of the restaurant. At just $12, you can indulge in a full meal and a drink. The options include jerk chicken and rice, BBQ chicken mac and cheese, pulled jerk chicken and fries, chicken rasta pasta and plenty more. 
“There is a lack of food options in Randolph, and Gourmet Kitchen is filling the void. Working professionals can now obtain a jerk turkey burger on their lunch break and have a taste of home,” Phoubaykham said. 
Gourmet Kitchen is staying true to its roots by hiring a chef who specializes in island cooking. 
Pascal Etienne, 28, the head chef of Gourmet Kitchen, prepares the food daily and adds his own twist from his Haitian heritage. 
Etienne learned to cook growing up in Haiti at the age of 7 and began making complicated dishes for his family by 10 years old. He moved to America in 2011 and started cooking for fun at home.
“My grandmother showed me how to cook, and it was something that came naturally to me. This is my first job cooking professionally, but it’s been a lifelong passion. Some of my favorite dishes to cook and eat here at Gourmet Kitchen is Haitian black rice (djon djon), fried plantains and red snapper,” Etienne said.
“I want my cooking to make an impact in the community and people to remember me for it. I enjoy every minute of cooking, and every day I’m getting better and expanding my art,” Etienne said. 
The restaurant also offers crisp green salads, gourmet sides of sweet plantains, seasonal vegetables, desserts, kid’s meals, appetizers and Thai iced tea and coffee. 
“We are hoping to create a space for the community and become a staple for people to feel safe but also enjoy high-quality food,” Phoubaykham said. 
“As business improves, we want to expand and be able to financially support our community through sponsoring soccer teams and things of that nature,” Phoubaykham said. 
Hours of operation are Tuesday – Wednesday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Thursday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Monday and Sunday. 
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