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Photo: Davide Belotti
Avalanche Kaito — whose music combines West African griot storytelling with scuzzy noise punk — offer a live performance that's just as imaginative and unexpected as the trio's musical foundation in this rendition of "Toulele."
Two vastly different musical styles and cultural worlds collide in Avalanche Kaito, a trio led by West African griot and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse.
Hailing from Lankoué — a village in the northern region of West African country Burkina Faso — Winse is a modern-day griot, carrying forward his country's tradition of oral storytelling through music. Winse is now based in Brussels, Belgium, and Avalanche Kaito was formed after he met two Brussels-based musicians: guitarist Nico Gritto and drummer/electronic musician Benjamin Chavel.
In this episode of Global Spin, the three artists deliver a colorful performance of their song "Toulele," embodying their cross-cultural and far-reaching musical stylings. At the heart of the music is the juxtaposition between an ancestral musical storytelling style and futuristic sonic instrumentation.
The group assembles inside a large, warehouse-style building for their performance, using an elaborately-constructed wooden playground as their stage. Each of the three performers gets a turn in the spotlight, with Winse's vocals giving way to scuzzy, electronic instrumental solos.
In other moments of the trio's 12-minute performance, Gritto and Chavel take a break from their instruments, allowing Winse a brief a capella moment. Here, it's easy to imagine the traditions that inspired his musical style, and to contemplate the griot sounds that span backwards through generations and continue to hold a prominent place in West African culture today.
"Toulele" is one of eight tracks on Avalanche Kaito's self-titled album, which arrived in June 2022. Listen to the album here, watch the group's full performance above, and keep checking back to GRAMMY.com for more episodes of Global Spin. 
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Photo: REELS Corporation Inc. (Sunghyun, Seyeon)
In this episode of Global Spin, a video series highlighting exceptional artists from around the globe, watch South Korean group Viviz perform their scintillating song "Bop Bop!"
We may live in an era where cultural borders are vanishing, but have you ever considered K-pop with Latin rhythms? If not, feast your ears on Viviz.
Hailing from South Korea, the trio performs their vibrant, disco-tinged single "Bop Bop!" from the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in their hometown of Seoul.
With flowers in their hair and a troupe of dancers in tow, the Viviz girls deliver a flawless performance — one that’ll get you moving right along with them.
In this episode of Global Spin, a video series spotlighting spectacular artists around the world, get to know Viviz in all their hyper-melodic, continent-spanning glory.
Enjoy the performance above and keep checking back for more episodes of Global Spin.
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The Change
Photo: Erick Fernando Quituizaca
In the debut episode of Global Spin, a brand-new performance series spotlighting global music and international artists, Dominican singer/songwriter/producer the Change delivers an electrifying performance of her 2019 single "Imperio"
It’s fitting that the debut episode of GRAMMY.com’s Global Spin series, a brand-new performance series spotlighting global music and international artists, kicks off with a sunrise performance from Dominican artist the Change.
In just three years since she released her first single, she has organically generated a fan base of more than 2 million monthly Spotify listeners off songs she wrote and produced entirely by herself. In fact, according to the Change, she recorded “Imperio,” the track she performs in this installment of Global Spin, on her cell phone.
Watch her performance of the touching single below.

The Change’s songwriting ability shines bright on “Imperio,” which she describes as one of the most personal songs she’s ever written, thanks to the track’s strong hook; in it, she bounces back and forth from her lover making her feel like a girl again to not being afraid to age—so long as her partner is there along the way.
For now, the multitalented singer/songwriter/producer only has a handful of songs under her belt. But after signing to Warner Music earlier this year, the Change is primed to bring her flag to new heights.
Tune in to the sounds of the world with Global Spin every other Tuesday starting Sept. 28, at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m ET on the Recording Academy’s official YouTube channel, Facebook pageInstagram page, and Twitter profile.
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Photo: Lucy Rose Laucht
In the latest episode of Global Spin, Somali-born, U.K.-based singer/songwriter FACESOUL displays the healing heights of his R&B sound with a stunning performance of his 2021 song, "'All I Need"
By growing from his roots in Islam and exploring the healing power of music, Somali-born, U.K.-based singer/songwriter FACESOUL looks deep into the soul of soul music.
In matching minimalist production, layered vocals, and a lyrical search for meaning, the transcendent artist born Faisal Salah produces a meditative, beguiling beauty unlike anything else in modern R&B.
In the latest episode of Global Spin a brand-new performance series spotlighting global music and international artists — FACESOUL shows just how magnetic his melange of styles can be.
Watch the London-based vocalist perform “All I Need,” off his 2021 album, YSRA, below.

In the clip, FACESOUL sings serenely in the center of an abandoned building, ivy and trees growing through the cracks in the stone. “Glory sure will rise, if I just believe it,” FACESOUL sweetly sings, his hope and optimism growing through the darkness like the insistent nature around him.
Check back every other Tuesday for new episodes of the Global Spin performance series.
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Eme Alfonso performs at the International Jazz Plaza Festival in 2018
Photo: Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Launching Tuesday, Sept. 28, "Global Spin" will celebrate exciting genres like Afrobeats, K-Pop and Latin music and will include exclusive performances from Eme Alfonso, Candy Bleakz, and many others
Last year, the GRAMMY Awards updated the Best World Music Album category to Best Global Music Album to honor artists across the globe. But why stop there?
On Tuesday, Sept. 28, GRAMMY.com will premiere its latest digital series: Global Spin, a performance series spotlighting artists from around the world. Each episode of Global Spin will feature a performance from a notable artist or group and will celebrate both the creators and their home countries.
Airing biweekly on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m ET on the Recording Academy’s official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram page, and Twitter profile, Global Spin is the new home for global music on GRAMMY.com, where the celebration of the genre and the international artist community is the focus. With electrifying artists like Cuban singer/songwriter Eme Alfonso and Nigerian rapper Candy Bleakz confirmed for performances, Global Spin will keep fans of the international music community plugged into one of the most exciting lanes in all of music.
“Music is one thing that transcends borders,” Alina Vission, a Content Producer at the Recording Academy and the creator and co-producer of Global Spin, tells GRAMMY.com. “We’re excited to celebrate the global music community and take our audience on a trip around the world through music.”
“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to help showcase global music and to shine a light on all the talented musicians across the world,” Hillary Melin, Senior Editor/Producer at the Recording Academy and one of the co-producers of the series, says of Global Spin.
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A platform to support international artists, Global Spin is born out of the exploding global music scene taking the world by storm today. Whether it be Nigeria’s dynamic duo of Wizkid and Tems sweeping the world off their feet with their chart-topping track “Essence” or South Korea’s BTS serenading their way into the millions of hearts of the BTS ARMY, global music and artists are dominating today’s worldwide music industry like never before.
Shawn Thwaites, a Project Manager in the Recording Academy’s Awards department and genre manager for Global Music, partly credits the international growth of global music to the new and rising wave of Afrobeats artists. Still, he notes Afrobeats and global music at large are nothing new; pioneers like Fela Kuti and boundary-pushers like Brazil’s Djavan laid the foundation for today’s scene decades ago. “It’s always been here—we’re just catching on,” Thwaites says of the global music sound.
As Afrobeats and Afropop continue to rise in the global music sphere, Thwaites also points to “the whole continent of Africa” as well as regions like Brazil, Trinidad, Barbados, Latin America, Asia, and beyond as locations with thriving music scenes to watch. “There’s so much music all over this world. Global music is truly global,” he reflects.
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With the ongoing evolution and proliferation of music technology and social media, global music continues to reach new audiences across international borders, while the genre’s established artists and rising stars are pushing the sound’s boundaries to new heights.
“I would love for global music to find a way to connect more with the fans,” Dominican singer/songwriter and producer the Change tells GRAMMY.com via email. “Within the next five to 10 years, I would love to see more activities that help us spend time with our fans, because in the end, we owe them everything that is happening to us.”
“The growing interest in global music means a lot more people from different walks of life and different parts of the world will now be able to relate to my genre of music: Afrobeats,” Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and R&B singer/artist MzVee adds. “I believe music is a global language that transcends all boundaries, and I want to reach fans in every corner of the world, despite the differences in language and genres. My dream is to see global music reach every corner of the world, for global music to break all barriers, to see my music being consumed by everybody, [regardless of] the differences in language, culture [and] religion.”
“I’m very happy that [audiences] want to explore and open new doors. I believe that when we learn from other cultures, we grow as human beings,” Eme Alfonso tells GRAMMY.com by email. “I would like the people to understand that when they are listening to music from other parts of the world, they are feeling the history, the reality, and the conflicts of a country, because artists reflect their life and problems through art.”
But perhaps Haitian DJ/producer Michael Brun said it best: “Global music is the future of music,” he bluntly told GRAMMY.com in 2020. “As the world continues to become more interconnected, music culture no longer has borders. The fusion of sounds breeds innovation, and global music artists are at the forefront of that movement.”
That innovative movement now has a new home on GRAMMY.com with Global Spin.
Tune in to the sounds of the world with Global Spin every other Tuesday starting Sept. 28, at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m ET on the Recording Academy’s official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram page, and Twitter profile.
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