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As we’re ending out the month of May and welcoming in the summer, we can’t forget to show love to our beloved Haitians. In case you didn’t know, May is Haitian Heritage Month. If you’re wondering what Haitian Heritage Month is and why we celebrate it in May here’s a little breakdown for you. It’s a play on and an expansion of the yearly Haitian flag day that we celebrate on May 18th. The people of Haiti are strong and courageous so much so that they were the first Black republic to break free of the colonial rule of their white oppressors. The month is filled with important dates that carry a number of significant historical and cultural traditions like May 1st being labor and agricultural day, May 2nd being flower day, and May 17th being teachers day.  
To show our appreciation for the Haitian community, we’d like to shine a light on a few of the fashion and beauty key players who are of Haitian descent. Take a look below and get to know these key players.
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