Gang Clashes Leave Nearly 200 Dead in Haiti – teleSUR English

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by Fernando Casado
by teleSUR/MS
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In a human rights report, the National Defense Network denounced the silence of the authorities on the massacre in the Cul de Sac plain, north of Port-au-Prince.
“During the violent clashes that followed, 191 people were killed: 107 men, 76 women, six girls and two boys. At least 18 women were raped. Seventeen of them were subsequently executed,” according to the report. 
Haitian Gang Kidnaps 38 People From Two Buses 

Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, faced hostile clashes between gangs seeking to control the region between April 24 and May 6. The Chen Mechan and 400 Mawozo gangs, operating on the capital’s outskirts, even tried to isolate the territory. 
The report said that many people suffered gunshots or stab wounds, and some 81 houses and 57 cars were set on fire. It also lamented the appalling treatment of the victims’ bodies, which were thrown into wells and latrines, set on fire, or thrown into rivers. 
The organization called for medical, psychological, and financial support to be provided to the survivors as well as for the investigation of violent acts of life and property perpetrated during such clashes.
La capitale de #Haïti, Port-au-Prince, continue d’être confrontée à la violence des gangs, ce qui entraîne une vague de déplacements dans la région.

Avec le soutien de @DevCanada����, @WFP_Haiti a fourni plus de 30 000 repas chauds aux victimes du déplacement depuis début mai.�� pic.twitter.com/AUmriRrDUs
The capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, continues to face gang violence, leading to a wave of displacement in the area. With the support of @DevCanada, @WFP_Haitin has provided over 30,000 hot meals to displacement victims since early May.
Public action should also be taken against those involved, the organization said, noting that the links between some journalists, public figures, armed bandits, and the use of police equipment in the massacre should be investigated. 
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