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New York, December 21, 2022
Thank you, Madam President. I thank Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohamed and Special Representative Helen La Lime for their presentations. I also thank Ambassador Michel Byang for his presentation on the establishment of the 2653 Committee. And I would like to acknowledge the presence among us of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Haiti and the Dominican Republic as well as the representative of Canada.
As we have just heard, Haiti can no longer wait. France urges the international community to redouble its efforts. It is urgent to put an end to the spiral of violence and misery that is affecting this country.
I would like to focus on four points :
First, the security situation calls for a more vigorous collective response. The resumption of the Varreux terminal is positive, but it should not mask the reality. The problem remains unresolved: the gangs are multiplying kidnappings, sexual violence and homicides, with total impunity. In the face of this, the objective must remain to support the Haitian National Police, which is on the front line, much more effectively. We know that it needs equipment, funding and training. And to restore security, the Haitian authorities have launched an appeal to the international community. We stand ready, with our partners, to do more to redress the situation on the ground.
Second, France welcomes the sanctions regime that has been established for personalities who threaten peace and security in Haiti. The sanctions are a deterrent to criminal groups, and all the political supporters who support and finance them. The formation of the 2653 Committee is positive and we hope that, under the leadership of Gabon, this Committee will be able to make proposals quickly. In addition to these sanctions, it is also important to rebuild the justice system in Haiti. Today, it does not have the means to accomplish its mission. The deterioration of the judicial institutions undermines the authority of the State and threatens the security of Haitians. The fight against impunity and the strengthening of the criminal justice system must be a major priority if we hope one day to put an end to the violence.
Third, we will continue to urge the political actors to find a compromise. The political dialogue must lead to the organization of democratic elections when the security conditions are met. France calls on the political class to show responsibility in order to overcome the current impasse.
Fourth, the crisis in Haiti is multidimensional, as many speakers have pointed out. This is why France is committed to facilitating humanitarian aid, in particular in the face of the cholera epidemic that has struck the country since October. The population is suffering from hunger, children are no longer going to school, and the humanitarian situation is deteriorating. France cannot resign itself to the current situation, and has in particular increased its food aid to Haiti.
Madam President,
France wishes to reaffirm its solidarity with the Haitian people. We will continue to resolutely support BINUH, which is carrying out valuable work under difficult conditions. Together with the International Organization of La Francophonie, we will continue to mobilize the international community to provide Haitians with the necessary assistance.
Thank you.
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