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PORT-AU-PRINCE — Haiti won the silver medal July 4 in the judo tournament of the First Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe that took place at the Haul Paul Chonchon complex in Guadeloupe. 
Marie Ivenide Jean Gilles, 19, the Haitian woman judo fighter who honored her country by winning the silver medal in the final of her category, finished second to the Dominican Clara Barinas. 
“I congratulate the Haitian athletes, I am aware that judo had the potential and could win more medals.” Hans Larsen, president of the Haitian Olympic Committee said.  
The Haitian team was represented by 12 Haitian athletes competing in three disciplines cycling, judo and women’s basketball 3-on-3.  
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Three other haitian judo fighters, Benz Evily Sadool, Love Pierre and Jhonson Pierre finished in 5th place in their category. 
With a silver medal win and three fifth places Haiti ranks fifth in the overall judo medal list after Guadeloupe, Martinique, the Dominican Republic and Cuba at the Caribbean competition. 
The team competing in the basketball 3-on-3 category did not make it far. It was defeated 20-9 by the Dominicans in the quarter-final round following two previous losses against Trinidad &Tobago and Guadeloupe in first round elimination.
In the cyclist discipline,  Odevt Clergé finished 8th out of 45 riders in the road races.
“Our cyclists, especially Odevt Clerge, have a lot of potential. He is a sure bet.” Larsen says, believing that Clerge can qualify for the Central American and Pan American Games.
Murdith Joseph is a social worker and journalist. She studied at the State University of Haiti and Maurice Communication. She first worked as a journalist presenter and reporter for Radio Sans Fin (RSF) then as a journalist reporter for Radio tele pacific and writting for the daily Le National. Today she joined the Haitian Times team and covers the news in Port-Au-Prince-Haiti.
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