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A Southwest Florida family is devastated by the loss of Jean Philippe Quetant and Erna Plancher-Quetant, who they said were killed while serving as missionaries in Haiti.
They said the couple had roots in Fort Myers and had served the community. They said Jean Philippe Quetant, a pastor, even worked with the First Haitian Baptist Church in Fort Myers.
Family members said the couple had most recently been serving together in Haiti for about a month, working to building a church and an orphanage. However, they said they recently got a call saying the couple had been killed in a home invasion.
“They were in their house where the invader came in and I guess found mom and dad, and shot both of them,” said their son Kevin Quetant.
Their home was ransacked and many of their belongings were stolen, according to family members.
“It just feels surreal,” said Tabitha Quetant, their daughter. “They could have just taken everything and left them alone, they wouldn’t have done anything.”
Now family members said they want the community to remember their legacy they left behind.
“A lot of people knew our parents as loving, they always loved to give and help first,” Kevin Quetant said.
“If I could speak to them now, I would just say mom and dad I love you and I thank you so much for the way you raised us,” said Tabitha Quetant.
Family members said they are still working to bring the couple home from Haiti and are not sure how long that will take. They said in the meantime, they are asking for community support.
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Copyright © 2021 Waterman Broadcasting of Florida, LLC


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