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Ferrat Destine
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Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs out there but a few people say a thing about the movers of our economy and the things they have to overcome daily. New Jersey based entrepreneur Ferrat Destine is the founder of Impress Service LLC. In this article, he shares his thoughts about what goes down in the game first hand and what you must keep in mind and put to practice if you hope to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.
Growing up in Haiti, Ferrat’s peers fondly called him the “project guy” because he loves to get things done. Today, the same enthusiasm and passion for getting stuff done is turning the Hatian-born creator into a serial entrepreneur. He published several successful media pieces. In acknowledgement of his efforts to promote the Haitian culture.
Despite excelling at all levels in school, his drive for entrepreneurship saw him taking steps to own a business as soon as it was possible to do so. Ferrat founded and managed several businesses as a solopreneur, mastering the toughest aspects of the entrepreneurial process by engaging in the art.
On entrepreneurship, Ferrat thinks it is about the products or services as it is about the process of making those products.The science lies in the process of looking for a product or finding a market which he thinks can quickly get complicated. According to him, Entrepreneurs can have the product and the market to reach out to, but still fail if they do not have proper strategies along the way. Ferrat believes that timely actions and responses to the dynamics of the market and the needs of customers are critical factors that could make or break a business at any stage in its evolution.
Weighing in on the best way to approach the market, the entrepreneur believes that marketing is mostly about psychology and positive thinking. He feels entrepreneurs would succeed if they focus on providing value backed up with a positive attitude towards making an impact in society. These, according to him, will stir the entrepreneur gradually and continuously until they succeed beyond their wildest imagination. Actions lead to habits and habits lead to character, which is the essential attribute needed to maintain entrepreneurial success.
For Ferrat, building an entrepreneurial character starts with waking up on time in the morning, working out, meditating, and eating healthy food. These things may seem quite simple but they are the biggest test of true character, discipline, and perseverance, all of which are needed in the often arduous journey to entrepreneurial success. Meditation, for example, helps you focus and consistent meditation can help anyone think more creatively and become better at solving life’s problems. Problem solving in itself is an entrepreneurial superpower.
Staying away from negativity at all cost is an important skill which Ferrat thinks entrepreneurs must develop. Negativity destroys focus and ruins relationships with customers and sends brand reputation to dust in feats of tantrums. Patience, quick thinking and calmness are gold in entrepreneurship. Although Ferrat has no mentor he is constantly inspired by Steve Harvey, Jay Shetty, Eric Thomas, and Prince EA. 
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