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The Embassy of the Republic of Haiti to the State of Qatar was honoured to make its debut at two leading exhibitions, Hospitality Qatar and Qatar Travel Mart (QTM) 2021, which were both held this month at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC).
At Hospitality Qatar, the country’s premier International Hospitality and HORECA Trade Show, Haiti was on display along with 13 other countries and 178 exhibitors. The Haitian Embassy’s booth was well visited and many of the over 12,000 visitors were welcomed with a warm cup of Chokola Peyi, Haiti’s rich hot chocolate, and Haiti’s premiere cup of coffee.
“It was delightful to watch convention-goers take their first sip of our Chokola Peyi; people were shocked to see how decadent it really is. One of the great highlights was the overwhelming response from hotels and restaurants who showed interest in serving our hot chocolate at their venue, which is exactly why we were thrilled to take part in this event to give Haiti the platform it deserves to showcase its great export potential,” said Haitian ambassador Francois Guillaume.
Promoting Haiti’s culture also brought many cigar aficionados to the exhibit table for a look at Bohekio cigars, one of Haiti’s cigar manufacturers whose trademark is in honour of the original inhabitants of the island and original cigar aficionados: the Taino Indian tribe. The addition of Haiti to the trade show was empowering, not only for the country but for those patrons who now can add Haiti to their collection of newly discovered gems, the ambassador said.
During QTM, Haiti was among some of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations. As a touristic highlight, the Citadelle and several artisanal creations that Haiti is internationally known for were on full display before QTM visitors, who were mesmerised by the many facets of beauty and exploration Haiti has to offer.
“With Haiti being in world news for many overshadowing circumstances, it was necessary to remind visitors that the country also offers a beautiful side and a rich history that surpasses all of her current obstacles, which many people enjoyed learning through our electronic catalogues,” said Guillaume.
“Many people may bypass Haiti as a tourist destination, but as history has shown us Haiti has a capacity to become the ‘Pearl of the Antilles’ again with its unique guest experience offering, as she once was a dynamic tourist destination the world riveted over,” he said.
He added: “As a continued participant in events such as these, the Embassy of Haiti to Qatar thrives to place Haiti on a cultural pedestal to ensure that bilateral relations between Haiti and Qatar continue to flourish in the hopes of introducing Haiti to those who have yet to discover her full grace and beauty.
“Finally, the Embassy of Haiti to Qatar would like to seize this opportunity to thank the State of Qatar for offering such anticipated opportunities conducive to high level international networking in light of current pandemic situations we are all under.”

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