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I have a theory. The debate around accreditation in education often focuses on two extremes: the people who don’t believe in the necessity of a four-year degree and the people who think accreditation, and an Ivy-laden stamp of approval, is the only way to succeed. But, nearly two years into covering edtech, I’ve realized that grouping these cohorts into two very separate buckets may be an oversimplification. In fact, as I spoke about on Equity this week, there is more of an overlap than you’d imagine when it comes to how entrepreneurs are viewing the future of education.
Let me explain. When it comes to fundraising or types of capital, optionality has been the term du jour in the current tech environment. And the same goes when we’re talking about the types of education pathways that a student should have access to.
For example, Woolf founder Joshua Broggi thinks that many tech bootcamps, or newer colleges, will eventually need to provide an accredited option in order to continue attracting customers. He raised millions to prove how important accreditation as a service will be to future educators. Meanwhile, Strive School, led by Tobia De Angelis, was launched in response to the outdated STEM course material taught in European industries. Even though a majority of universities in Europe are low cost or free to attend, he argued that accessibility doesn’t equate to effectiveness. He raised millions of dollars to prove why an alternative is needed.
The similarity between these two entrepreneurs is that they think students need a high-quality education that is actually effective; they just differ in the strategies on how to get there. Ethos-wise, both camps agree that it’s important to offer students a variety of resources, because traditional, one-size-fits-all learning isn’t effective.
For my full take on this topic, check out my TechCrunch+ column: Accrediting as a service and the future of alternative degrees. We’ll go down a whole slew of rabbit holes, including income-share agreements, the nuances of accessibility and why collaboration may be the boring answer to innovation.
In the rest of this newsletter, we’ll talk about M&A, crypto earnings and startup risk. As always, you can follow me on Twitter @nmasc_ or direct message me on Instagram @natashathereporter.
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Off the heels of a $150 million Series B fundraise, New York-based investing platform Republic has acquired Arora Project, an equity crowdfunding media agency that helps startups create and launch campaigns (or in other words, serves as a management consultant).
Here’s what to know: Republic has always been a more curated platform due to its focus, but Arora Project and future acquisitions could help it find better ways to answer some of these questions — either by introducing a new cohort of investors to its platform or by helping more startups launch campaigns that balance transparency with ambition. Still, given last week’s deep dive into the future of moderation, it’s noteworthy that Arora boasts a rigorous vetting process about the upstarts it works with and accepts less than 10% of applications that it receives every month.
Other dynamic duos:
Spotify expands into audiobooks with acquisition of Findaway
DoorDash to acquire food delivery company Wolt
Unity is buying Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital for over $1.6B
Amazon is adding a Venmo checkout option next year
Ro is in talks to acquire at-home sperm storage startup, Dadi
Nigeria’s Helium Health acquires Qatar’s Meddy in rare Africa-GCC deal
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Evergrow! Fresh out of stealth and a $7 million seed raise, the climate fintech startup announced its plans to be the “world’s first dedicated carbon offtake company” reports Neesha Tambe. The business is going to fund climate developer projects, and then create long-term offtake agreements for those same budding business plans.
Here’s what to know: The startup’s differentiator is its sheer willingness to operate in such a thorny environment. Climate projects often have to show offtake contracts, a guarantee purchase of carbon credits created by the project, to banks before they underwrite any financing. It’s not exactly how venture capital speed works, forcing companies to learn how to balance their cap table with insurance, debt investors and other developers.
Honorable mentions:
Stoa School wants to bring the vision of the ‘alternative MBA’ to India
Daniel Ek puts €100M into defence startup Helsing.ai, to support democracies
Seasoned spices up restaurant hiring after bagging $18.7M
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Since Coinbase is perhaps the largest, and most known, player in the crypto space, its Q3 financial results came with a certain weight. So, we did an emergency Equity shot on Friday to talk about the numbers and Wall Street’s confusing reaction.
Here’s what to know: Navigating a volatile market, even if you know it is volatile, is scary for Wall Street, which sent Coinbase’s share price plummeting after a not-super-bright earnings report. It’s a reminder that even amid the hype and certainty that crypto isn’t disappearing overnight, the asset class still has a lot of work to do on education.
One trade a day doesn’t keep the hackers away:
Robinhood says millions of customer names and email addresses taken in data breach
Crypto volatility continues to flummox Wall Street
Robinhood’s nasty quarter shows the ups, downs of trading incomes
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Indulge this weekend and make some tikka masala mac and cheese for your friendsgiving,
Latin American farms and fields produce a lot of food, but 47 million people still remain hungry. The agricultural sector is crucial for Latin American livelihoods, contributing to an average of 4.7% of GDP and employing at least 14% of the region’s population. More than a third of the food produced each year around the globe is lost or wasted, and Latin America and the Caribbean are no exception.
FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Allison Gargaro gives the latest on the weather in Central Florida.
The Indian government “strongly feels” that advertisements by cryptocurrency exchanges that promise customers wild profits and are not transparent about the volatile nature of such trading must be prohibited, according to a memo outlining the summary of a meeting between the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several stakeholders on Saturday. In recent weeks, leading cryptocurrency exchanges including Andreessen Horowitz-backed CoinSwitch Kuber and B Capital Group-backed CoinDCX have launched ads that many individuals have deemed highly irresponsible. Indian crypto exchanges have been very irresponsible in making absurd and outright false claims in their relentless ads.
Canon’s mirrorless lineup finally has an option to compete with the likes of the 1DX-series DSLRs — and it impresses immediately out of the box. The Canon EOS R3 has the grip and weather-sealing of the 1DX series, the speed of a mirrorless camera on steroids, and even the eye control autofocus from film cameras like the EOS 5. It sits in competition with the Nikon Z9 and Sony A1 for speed, yet curiously keeps the lower resolution of Canon’s sports-focused 1DX series.
Eight-year-old Fiona Lashells walked onto her elementary school campus Monday with a pink backpack and the fanfare of a homecoming war veteran.
Trigger warnings have been built into a new device developed for classrooms and social gatherings that sounds an alarm when it detects offensive language and jokes.
Students want Marjorie McBride, Tara Thibaudeau and Sheila Ellsworth to resign because of their comments about a teacher-training grant proposal.
State initiative aims at recruiting, retaining teachers, while veteran teachers are feeling embattled.
Educators debate efforts to switch from the traditional points-based, homework-inclusive grading to a system that measures learning more than compliance.
With teachers across the country complaining of extreme burnout, school districts are trying out big changes, including longer holiday breaks and shorter days.Why it matters: Educators and experts say teachers' severe burnout is raising concerns about turnover — and more broadly, the state of education.Stay on top of the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. Subscribe for freeDriving the news: Many educators were happy to get back into the classroom this year, after the
The call comes after the state's education commissioner created a webpage to report teachers for alleged discrimination as part of a new state law.
UCLA students waiting outside Pauley Pavilion for Friday's basketball game describe a scene similar to the deadly surge at the Astroworld Festival.
It’s time to reassess expectations for reading skills of children whose early learning was disrupted by the pandemic. And that’s okay, experts say.
Over 100 people commented on the proposed New Mexico social studies standards. Opinions are split.
The founders of UATX do have a point — but they're also missing something important about the higher ed landscape.
Students planned the protest in response to two Quincy High students getting into a physical fight over a video containing "racist hate speech."
Austin American-Statesman Letters to the editor: Nov. 14, 2021
The protest was about much more than a recent flap over whether to hire a Black woman to lead teacher training.
The resignation of a professor amid a row with trans activists was a “terrible stain” on the history of Sussex University, the Education Secretary has said.
A Brooklyn teacher was arrested on Friday after he allegedly kissed 13-year-old student on the lips at school. He is being charged with sexual abuse.


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