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The introduction of the Electronic Turkey Visa will simplify the application process for travellers from other countries. As of 2013, the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be credited with the inception of the Turkey eVisa program.
Grenada residents must submit an online application for a Turkey e-Visa, also known as a Turkey visa, in order to travel to Turkey for up to 90 days for vacation, business, or medical purposes. Grenada nationals must get a visa before travelling if they want to stay in Turkey for less than 30 days. This need is irrepressible. Your departure day from Turkey must be more than six months in the future from the day your eVisa application was submitted.
Your Turkey Visa for Grenadian Citizens application will be finished once the necessary fees have been paid. Materials for the Turkey Visa Online are supplied. Grenadan nationals may apply for a visa on our website, have it processed, and then have it shipped to them—as long as they provide all the necessary information and their online credit card payment is approved. In very unusual circumstances, the applicant will be informed before the Turkey eVisa is approved if further documentation is required.
Haitian nationals require an e-Visa to travel to Turkey for up to 90 days for business, pleasure, or medical purposes (Turkey Visa Online). All Haitian nationals must have a valid visa in order to enter and leave Turkey, regardless of the purpose of their journey or the duration of their stay. Your departure day from Turkey must be more than six months in the future from the day your Turkey Visa for Haiti Citizens application was submitted.
Jamaican citizens who want to apply for anTurkey Visa for Jamaica Citizens must be in possession of a current passport or another recognised form of identification. Dual-nationality Jamaicans are obliged to apply for their Turkey eVisas using the passport they would be travelling with. This is because the eVisa can only be used with the passport that was used to apply for it. There is no need to print anything out or hand it in to anybody at the airport since the Turkey Electronic Visa is digitally linked to the traveler’s passport in the Turkey Immigration system. You may go on to the next step right away to avoid this.
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Country: Turkey
Website: https://www.turkey-visa-online.org/visa

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