Dominicans turn over to Haiti ex-cop sought in Moïse slaying – Yahoo News

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Dominican authorities on Wednesday handed over to Haiti a former Haitian police officer linked to the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the latest suspect arrested in a crime still not solved after seven months.
The man was identified as Tanis Philome. He was arrested in the Dominican Republic several days before being turned over to Haitian police at the border town of Dajabon, a Dominican military officer told The Associated Press.
The official, who spoke anonymously because he wasn't authorized to talk to the press, said Philome was investigated by Dominican authorities before being sent back to Haiti. He didn't say when Philome was detained, only that he was a suspect in the presidential slaying.
Moïse was killed in the early hours of July 7 at this private residence, and so far more than 40 people have been arrested, including several Haitian police officers and a former senator. Eighteen ex-Colombian soldiers also are in custody, the majority of whom the Colombian government says were deceived about what they were hired for.
Two other suspects are in U.S. custody after being extradited to the United States — Rodolphe Jaar, a former U.S. government informant who was arrested in the Dominican Republic in January, and Mario Palacios, an ex-Colombian soldier detained in Jamaica in October.
Haiti has struggled to solve Moïse's assassination, and even to find a judge we can oversee the case. Two judges have stepped down, one citing personal reasons and the other amid corruption accusations that he denied.
The child was found unresponsive after the woman’s boyfriend called the police, authorities said.
The woman whose DNA from a sexual assault case was used by San Francisco police to arrest her in an unrelated property crime plans to sue the city, her attorney said Thursday. The woman has filed notice of a possible federal lawsuit because she feels betrayed by police officers who broke her trust and violated her rights, said her attorney, Adante Pointer. Pointer declined to identify his client.
A Black Dunkin’ Donuts employee based in Tampa, Florida had confronted an angry customer who was using racial slurs toward him, resulting in a fatal punch to the customer. The employee, Corey Pujols, has pleaded guilty to felony battery and has been sentenced to two years of house arrest, reported CBS News.
The family of Trevor Reed, who was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison in 2020, told TMZ they're "highly skeptical" of charges against Griner.
A resident told reporters that armed men had arrived in trucks, entered the house and started shooting.
Russian state television has broadcast calls for Vladimir Putin, the country’s president, to stop his war in Ukraine during a programme in which pundits openly likened the invasion to "Afghanistan, but even worse".
A man who had just parked his Lamborghini outside his downtown Los Angeles apartment building was pistol-whipped in an attempted robbery Sunday. Suspects are still at large, and officials are asking for the public's assistance in their arrest. (March 10)
Live at the Bike! Poker StreamA professional card player who has won more than $1.5 million at World Series of Poker events alone has been charged with running an illegal gambling business in his home state of California “involving supplying, operating, and maintaining video slot machines and devices” and laundering the proceeds using chips from a legit casino near his home, according to a newly unsealed federal indictment first obtained by The Daily Beast.In addition to the gambling charge, Gal
This is supposed to explain why Trump "fell in love" with Kim Jong Un and praised other dictators.
A new superseding indictment was filed Thursday against Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. The charges are the same; however, prosecutors added new evidence into the indictment to support their case. Mosby is facing federal charges of two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements on a loan application.
Prosecutors say the convicted killer used a smuggled phone during the crime.
A supporter of Donald Trump who is alleged to have "blind-sided" and pushed a Capitol Police officer over a ledge during the Jan. 6 riot was arrested at his
Investigators discovered text messages that the Public Safety secretary says are not in line with expected character requirements of law enforcers.
The Tennessee General Assembly will sever ties with two employees who spent more than 14 months on paid leave in the wake of a federal probe.
“The plan was to only contact them after it was solved.”
Multiple people were in the hospital’s lobby when the shooting took place.
It's the second time in five years the North Carolina Republican has been charged with driving on a revoked license. The previous time was 2017.
A Black law student in Rhode Island posted a video on TikTok that detailed an incident in which she tried to enter a courtroom but then a white sheriff’s deputy mistakenly thought she was the defendant. The truth? She tried to enter the courtroom to represent a client as a part of her University’s criminal defense clinic.
See Leonid Nevzlin's Facebook post explaining why the former oil tycoon is giving up his Russian passport 20 years after fleeing the country.
A Jacksonville inventor is attempting to limit interactions between real estate agents and police by creating a sign that could eliminate confusion.


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