Dominican Republic to send diesel to Haiti's fuel-starved hospitals – Yahoo News

By Brian Ellsworth
(Reuters) – The Dominican Republic has approved a request by a trading firm to export 20,500 gallons of diesel to Haiti for use principally in hospitals, according to letters seen by Reuters, as gangs continue blocking a key fuel terminal in Haiti.
Fuel shortages created by the gang blockade have left Haitian hospitals without diesel to power their generators, which are the only way they can ensure consistent electricity due to chronic outages in Haiti's power grid.
Most hospitals have curtailed or halted operations in recent weeks, just as the country is facing a cholera outbreak on top of a humanitarian crisis driven by shortages of food and water.
A firm called AFA Trading in an Oct. 17 letter to the Dominican industry ministry sought permission to export the fuel via the land border between the two countries, with the intent of supplying three hospitals and one manufacturing facility.
The industry ministry approved the request in a separate letter of the same date seen by Reuters. The letters describe the operation as a re-export, indicating the fuel in question was originally imported to the Dominican Republic.
The Dominican industry ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Reuters was unable to obtain comment from AFA Trading.
Haiti is facing acute fuel shortages due to a blockade by a coalition of gangs that are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. The United Nations has discussed sending a military force to confront the gangs and reopen the terminal.
The fuel shortages have halted almost all economic activity, grinding most transportation to a halt and forcing many hospitals to shut down or curtail their operations.
(Reporting by Brian Ellsworth in Miami; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)
Usman Musa had spent more than $1,300 on his 10-hectare rice farm in Nigeria's Kogi state, now submerged by the country's worst floods in a decade.
Killer Mike cozied up with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Senate candidate Herschel Walker allowing legitimacy to their campaigns with the Black community.
Multiple attorneys who represent Mr Trump in other legal disputes say they haven’t been authorised to accept service of process on his behalf
And like that she was gone. A politician known above all as a survivor, a bundle of contradictions elastic enough to survive and thrive under three very different prime ministers, came dramatically unstuck when the top job was finally hers.
MARKET PULSE U.S. stocks finished lower on Thursday for the second day in a row as yields on the 10-year and 2-year Treasury notes advanced to their highest levels in more than 14 years, causing early earnings-inspired gains in equities to evaporate.
After four consecutive failed rainy seasons, harvests in East Africa have become so barren that one person is likely to die of hunger every 36 seconds, according to a new report on acute food insecurity in the region.
STORY: Haiti is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.Food, fuel and water shortages are causing catastrophic hunger and the government is asking other countries for military help."…if there was ever a moment to come to the aid of Haitians in dire need, it is now…" But what's causing the crisis?It started with armed gangs blockading a key fuel terminal.The blockade began in September and has led to gas and diesel shortages… grinding most transport to a halt.That meant shortages of basic goods, including clean water. The UN says more than 4 million Haitians are facing acute food insecurity.Hospitals have either had to shut their doors or scale back operations because they can't power the diesel generators they rely on.“Armed gangs, blockading roads and restricting the transport of fuel throughout the country, as a result, medical services unable to reach those people most in need, including those affected by the outbreaks of cholera which have acerbated the misery of Haitian people" Civil unrest is also on the rise.The UN says gangs are using sexual violence to instil fear in the local population.The blockade is being led by a coalition of gangs called G9.It controls areas in and around the capital, Port-au-Prince.The group's leader, Jimmy "Barbecue" Cherizier, is a former police officer who has been the target of U.S. sanctions.They dug trenches around fuel terminal when the government said it was cutting fuel subsidies – saying higher fuel costs will hurt Haitians.Haitian gangs have expanded their control since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021.The killing created a political power vacuum.But the country was already in crisis before that, as it failed to hold elections set for 2019.There's no functioning parliament.Lawmakers' terms have expired.But few believe an election could go ahead right now anyway.U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has proposed a "rapid action force" to confront the gangs and reopen the terminal.There have been pitches for security missions and assistance from countries like the U.S., Mexico and Canada… But most countries appear wary of offering up boots on the ground.
A tropical rainstorm could bring rain, wind and rough surf along the U.S. East Coast. But could it become tropical depression or Tropical Storm Lisa?
Black community leaders in Kansas City reacted with anger to reports that an Excelsior Springs kidnapping suspect had harmed others — and questioned how thoroughly those claims are being investigated.
The SpaceX chief in recent times has taken to Twitter to announce proposals to end Russia's war in Ukraine, and also said SpaceX cannot indefinitely fund its Starlink internet service in Ukraine. The discussions to review Musk's ventures are at an early stage, sources told Bloomberg, adding that officials in the U.S. government are weighing what tools, if any, are available that would allow the federal government to review Musk's ventures.
Ready to go back to the Shire?
It's Trump's first public response a day after being forced under court order to give a sworn deposition in the writer's 2019 rape defamation lawsuit.
(Bloomberg) — Former President Donald Trump claims clemency requests that were seized by the FBI from his Florida estate are his personal property and should be returned to him.Most Read from BloombergChina Summons Chip Firms for Emergency Talks After US CurbsTrump Deposed in Suit by Investors Claiming Fraud in ‘Apprentice’ Videophone PitchesLiz Truss Odds: The Front-Runners to Replace the Prime MinisterWeed Is Coming to Circle K Gas Stations in US Next YearTrump Prosecutors See Evidence for Ob
Sondland said he started to notice "quality issues" in Trump's team and that "the people who work the place can be rude and not so bright."
"We all know the drones are Iranian, but the government has not admitted to it," Ruslan Pukhov said on air before the interview began.
The conservative attorney said a federal judge's ruling will be critical evidence for Georgia prosecutors.
Ukraine's counteroffensive is edging closer to the symbolic city of Kherson, prompting Russia to crack down and evacuate civilians.
The former president was deposed — under court order and under oath — on Wednesday in the magazine writer's 2019 rape defamation lawsuit.
NewsmaxNearly a year after she was kicked to the curb by Fox News for essentially calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a Nazi, Lara Logan was on Newsmax’s primetime airwaves pushing QAnon tropes, invoking blood libel, and fear-mongering about a “global cabal” planning to “dilute the pool of patriots” in the United States with “100 million illegal immigrants.”Following the publication of this article, Newsmax told The Daily Beast that it will not be bringing her back on the air going forward.“Newsmax condem
KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO – THURSDAY, 20 OCTOBER 2022, 20:25 President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that the Russians have mined the dam and units of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (KHPP) and are planning to commit a terrorist attack under another flag [Ukraine's – ed.


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