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MIAMI (WSVN) – A dog was found and returned to it’s owner Wednesday, right where the owner said he went missing.
“I’m just so thankful to you guys and everybody who came together to help bring Potato home for the new year,” said Christina “Pino” Ishine, the dog’s owner.
They rejoiced as Potato the pup was reunited with his owner, after Ishine said the 25-pound Shih Tzu mix went missing.
“Let me tell you, I really missed him following me around the house, and now he’s finally in my arms,” said Ishine’s son.
Ishine shared a surveillance video showing two men taking the dog from near her Little Haiti business around Northeast 59th Street, on Dec. 23.
She believes Potato got out after an employee left the front door open from her business.
Ishine filed a police report and put up a $3,500 reward to get her pooch back.
“I’m so grateful to people, and I’m really grateful to how the community came together,” said Ishine. “I had friends that I hadn’t spoken to in 20 years that came and helped me.”
She said someone recognized Potato, and they went and picked him up.
“Literally, I rushed over to the house. We got him because, you know how I knew it was him? I heard a bark that sounded familiar,” said Ishine’s son.
Now, Potato is home, healthy and happy.
“Potato is gonna get a chip,” said Ishine. “He’s gonna make sure he has his dog tags on his collar and, you know, the protocol is going to change here at the office with the door and where Potato’s hanging out.”
Ishine doesn’t think the two men had bad intentions in taking the dog.
Good news though, he’s home now.
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