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It is okay to think  big.
For Martine Chery-Hilaire and participants in the 1st Thousand Members Club the mission is to educate, empower and unite Haitians to make a local and global impact. The goal is to eventually develop a multipurpose multicultural center where multicultural businesses can operate. “The businesses we want in there are aimed to grow the economy and also bring the community together.”
This facility would include an international restaurant with Haitian food and menu staple items from other cultures in the community. Chery-Hilaire noted that there could also be a children’s museum with Haitian art and history,  as well as a bakery/ coffee shop where city officials can meet to discuss city matters over freshly baked bread and coffee. Space permitting, there will also be an indoor pool where club members and their family can come and spend quality time free of charge. There will be some Airbnb units and a couple of units reserved for local homeless, as well as a safe haven for battered women.  She added that funds have been used to purchase a lot in downtown Junction City. Fundraising will also have to occur. “We are going to have members of the club contribute to the project. 
Chery-Hilaire noted that after checking with an architect this project could take 18 to 24 months. The first thousand investors in the club would become lifetime members. Local vendors and members of the community were introduced to First Thousand Members Club and their future projects during a “Shop & Worship” event at JCNAZ on December 10th. The event was a fundraiser to support their first global outreach program as an organization. The funds raised during this event will help provide financial support for children in Gros-Marin, Haiti this Christmas.  
Upon construction of the multipurpose and multicultural facility sponsors will enjoy free or discounted services, as well as other perks and benefits for being one of the first 1000 members to donate $5000 to help fund the project.

This is a large scale project by Haitians for the community and cultural diversity . However , it’ll take the involvement of local community members and leaders to bring it to pass.
To learn more or to join First Thousand Members Club, visit  
This is a 501(c)3 nonprofit so contributions to the project will be tax deductible.
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