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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Delegates nominated Haiti’s interim president and interim prime minister on Sunday, Jan. 16 during the 2022 Haiti Unity Summit at Southern University Law Center.
According to the summit’s organizers, delegates nominated Mr. Fritz A. Jean for president and Madame Mariam Fetiore for prime minister.
The summit began Friday, Jan. 14. A press conference with more details is scheduled to take place Monday, Jan. 17 at noon.
Southern University Law Center released the following press release:
The Haitian delegates revealed the results of Saturday’s vote towards a permanent solution to the nation’s political crisis during day three of the Haiti Unity Summit. The Southern University Law Center is hosting the four-day summit, in conjunction with the 2021 Haitian Diaspora Interest Group.
The Accord Unitarie de la Louisiane decided to stay close to their country’s constitution and will have a President and a Prime Minister. On Sunday, Jan. 16, the Accord nominated Fritz A Jean as the next Interim President of Haiti and a female candidate for interim Prime Minister, Mariam Fetiore.
After day one, the delegation who came in with nine Accords unanimously agreed upon one Accord, Accord Unitarie de la Louisiane. On day two, the group was given a mission by General Russel Honoré to decide on three main points to lay the groundwork for a legitimate government of transition.
“Today (Saturday, Jan. 15), we have heavy lifting to do. Yesterday (Friday, Jan. 14) was good; today will be better. The harder the work, the more leadership is required,” said Honoré. “Using the democratic process, we will vote to bring the Accord we agreed on yesterday to life. At the end of the day, we will determine the procedures we will follow and end up with names. We can’t leave today until we vote on the names to take back to Haiti.”
The three resolutions the delegation discussed and voted on included: 1.) How will they gain succession of the government- through the use of the constitution or appointment; 2.) How the country will be lead? A president, a president and prime minister, or others; and 3.) Names of.
At the end of day two, the delegates stated that it was a long and difficult day, but they managed to come together to choose the right direction for Haiti. They are proud of the work done so far in the summit. Some delegates shared how the democratic process is not easy but practical.
The Haiti Unity Summit will conclude Monday, Jan. 17. A press conference will be held at noon at the Southern University Law Center, room 129-130.
Donations for the summit can be given here. For more information about the Haiti Unity Summit, please visit the website or call the office in Washington, DC at 202-508-3397, or Haiti at 509-3739-3651 or by email at info@hdpac.org.
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