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Touch of Haiti served up in Sampson
The front side view of Clinton’s newest Haitian restaurant Dadie’s.
Michael B. Hardison | Sampson Independent
Dine-in and take out are both options at Dadie’s.
Michael B. Hardison | Sampson Independent
Dadie Pierre Nelson poses with her family, friends and staff during grand opening day of her new restaurant Dadie’s.
Courtesy Photo
Dadie Pierre Nelson, owner, stands outside her recently-opened restaurant in Clinton, Dadie’s Haitian Caribbean Restaurant, located at 919 College St.
Michael B. Hardison | Sampson Independent
CLINTON — With the aim of bringing something new to Clinton and fulfilling her lifelong dream of opening an eatery, Dadie Pierre Nelson recently opened her new place Dadie’s Haitian Caribbean Restaurant.
Dadie’s, located at 919 College St., held its grand opening on Aug. 28, offering a new dining spot that serves authentic Haitian Caribbean cuisine right here in the heart of the South. Operating hours are from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from 1-9:30 p.m. on Sunday. The restaurant is closed on Monday.
Service options consist of both dine-in and curbside pickup, although they don’t deliver. The food is made fresh every day.
When asked why Dadie’s, Nelson shared her thoughts on what made her want to open the business.
“I’ve been in America for 10 years now, I came here after the earthquake in Haiti back in December 2010,” Nelson said. “I used to live in Florida and my first job was working in a Haitian restaurant; that’s my first inspiration.”
“I moved to Lumberton in 2014 before coming to Clinton in 2015 and worked at Smithfield for five years,” she continued. “I went to Sampson Community College for Human Services but I always dreamed to have a restaurant.”
She also shared the reasons why a restaurant has always been her dream.
“I just love cooking — people love my food, be it my friends, family they all just love my cooking,” Nelson said. “When I’d cook for people, they’d always ask me why don’t I open a restaurant, which just so happened to always be my dream.”
Nelson went on to explain why she decided to put Dadie’s where it is.
“I had been looking for places for awhile but the places I went to were always too high,” she said on the price tag associated. “Then about four months ago I saw the sign for this place. I called that same day and when I got the OK for the space, I was so excited.”
“It took about four months to spruce the place up and get it pretty with the Haitian style,” she added.
With all the talk about how good the food is, curiosity leads to thoughts of just what Haitian cuisine is.
At Dadie’s, customers can get everything from fried and stewed chicken, fried pork chunks, beef with veggies, red snapper, fried or stewed goat and even oxtail. That’s just a small sample of the menu filled with Nelson’s own personal recipes that come straight from Haiti.
“We don’t have any Haitian restaurants around here and when people see Haitian they don’t really know anything about us,” Nelson said. “In places like New York, Boston or Florida, it’s different because there are a lot more Haitians around. But here in North Carolina it’s different so I always dreamed to bring something new like this to NC and they can get to know us better.”
Since they are new to town, not many reviews are out about Dadie’s. The few there are though all share similar opinions as one Google review from Sharanda Stanley.
“Dadie’s Haitian restaurant definitely brings an excellent and diverse food option to Clinton, food is amazingly flavorful and authentic! Customer service is great and the restaurant’s atmosphere definitely gives Caribbean vibes. I will be returning.”
For those thinking of paying the restaurant a visit, Nelson welcomes them with open arms.
“I would tell them ‘welcome to the Haitian food, it’s new, it’s healthy and it’s good,’” Nelson said with a smile. “So they can come and we really appreciate it. I’m excited and we are going to keep them coming back.”
For more information about Dadie’s, call 910-592-1526.
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