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Oct 1, 2022
BAZETTA — For the past few weeks, Warren residents Matthew and Kenedi Bennett Cross have visited several local churches to share the story of their work in Haiti.
Kenedi, who grew up in Southington and Warren, said she and Matthew have lived in Haiti, where they work with children in orphanages, schools and juvenile prison centers sharing the word of God.
The Crosses, who have been part of Loving the Least of These Ministries International since March, have spoken at Church at Warren, Church of the Holy Spirit, and Cortland Trinity Baptist Church on what they do as part of their full-time ministry,
Kenedi said they teach children in the orphanage one-on-one and work with others.
“Many of the children have no parents or have run away from home and now live on the streets. The children will do whatever they can to make money, such as wash cars or sell things on the street,” she said.
Kenedi said she and Matthew see many of the same children and want to help them.
“They are on our hearts. For many, they have no hope for a better tomorrow. Haiti has become a war zone. What we do is share the hope for a better life with Jesus. We help lead them on the journey for a better life,” she said.
One group of youth are called “street boys” and belong to gangs.
Matthew said they have taken part in Street Boy Ministry in order to share hope with the children. The Crosses said the economy in Haiti has gotten worse, creating “hopelessness” for the people.
“A lack of hope can be seen everywhere. Haiti has many gangs. The children on the streets have become part of the gangs. The gangs have taken over,” he said.
Kenedi said she remembers when the children in the school told of a classmate who was kidnapped and held for ransom.
When they return to Haiti in November, plans are to focus on the orphanages and build the confidence of the children and help them to reach their fullest potential.
To get around Haiti, the Crosses have a Haitian driver who helps them stay in safe areas.
The Crosses host various fundraising events and receive donations from churches and organizations when they return to Warren.
For information, visit CrossesinHaiti@gmail.com.
To donate
• To make a donation to the Crosses to help them as they serve in Haiti, you can give online at OnePlusGod.org/donate. Choose “Global Missionaries” in the first drop down tab and choose “Matt and Kenedi Cross” in the second tab. To give directly to Loving the Least of These Ministries International, visit LovingTheLeastOfThese.org and click the blue “Donate” tab at the top left.
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BAZETTA — For the past few weeks, Warren residents Matthew and Kenedi Bennett Cross have visited several local …
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