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Driven by a desire to make a difference in her home country of Haiti, Beverly Malbranche founded Caribbrew, a beverage and beauty brand that specializes in coffee and cacao products sourced from Haitian farmers. After moving from Haiti to the U.S. to study business in 2009, Malbranche recognized an opportunity to introduce Americans to the signature flavors and aromas of Caribbean coffee, while boosting the island’s farming industry. 
For decades, coffee was the backbone of Haiti’s agricultural economy, due to its premium Arabica beans which are shade grown, chemical-free at a high elevation. Currently, Caribbrew partners with more than 3,000 coffee and cocoa farmers in Haiti to create economic opportunities and long-term sustainable jobs. All coffee is handpicked and meticulously roasted in small batches, resulting in a jolt of flavorful aroma that wows the senses. The brand also produces a creamy, aromatic hot chocolate, which is a staple drink in Haiti using fresh cacao.
In addition to farmers, the company hires young people in the capital of Haiti to package and export the coffee to the U.S. shipping facility in New Jersey, where they hire local residents. Their shipping facility is currently 75% female employed. In line with their mission, Caribbrew also supports a local NJ non-profit that aims to educate disadvantaged black boys in Newark.
Caribbrew also produces indulgent skincare products made with fresh coffee, organic oils, and shea butter to exfoliate and moisturize. Each product is loaded with antioxidants, helping to prevent wrinkles, cellulite, and puffiness by tightening the skin with cruelty-free, vegan, and quality ingredients.
Read on to shop the brand’s best-selling favorites and make an impact once cup of coffee at a time.
Caribbrew Caribbean Spiced Coffee, $16 (12 oz. bag), caribbrew.com
This fusion of premium arabica coffee and exotic sweet spices from Haiti will transport you to the Caribbean! This blend beautifully balances the subtle complexity of the brand’s coffee withhints of freshly grounded Haitian cinnamon. Enjoy it black, cold or hot, with or without milk.
Caribbrew Haitian Hot Coffee, $16 (12 oz. bag), caribbrew.com
This chocolate mix will surely deliver a silky drinking experience that will satisfy your palette. Caribbrew partners with associations of cacao farmers in the town of Limonade, who produce the country’s best chocolate. You can add this mix to your favourite smoothie or ice cream, or simply make a velvety cup of hot chocolate.
Caribbrew Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub, $20 (8 oz. bag), caribbrew.com
This luxurious body butter scrub made of freshly roasted organicHaitian coffee, fine cane sugar, and lustrous coconut oil and shea butter.
Caribbrew Mango Mandarin Haitian Coffee Scrub, $13 (8 oz. bag), caribbrew.com
Using green coffee, this butter scrub has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties that improve blood flow and remove old flaky skin!  Filled with essential oils, the scrub will leave your skin supple and moisturized while improving its overall quality and elasticity. The delightful fragrance will add an element of relaxation to your bath routine.
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