Christian Leaders in Sri Lanka Speak Out Against “One Country, One Law” Concept – International Christian Concern

11/07/2021 Sri Lanka (International Christian Concern) – According to the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN), Christian leaders in Sri Lanka have urged the government against its plan of introducing a “one country, one law” concept. Sri Lankan Christians fear the imposition of more restrictions on their faith community as the presidential task force drafting the “one country, one law” concept is chaired by a hardline Buddhist monk.
In a statement issued on November 2, Bishop J. Winston S. Fernando, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka, said that leaving out Tamil, Hindu, Catholic, and other Christian minority groups from the task force was a lost opportunity. He went on to question the appointment of Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera, a hardline Buddhist monk known for his anti-minority rhetoric.
To appoint a person without considering any past records to the chair of the presidential task force is adding insult to injury,” Bishop Fernando said. “The appointment has been made without any consultation of the legislators and it is a disregard for the legislature.
According to an extraordinary gazette notification issued by the president, the task force is required to submit reports to the president monthly and the final report is due by February 28, 2022.
Christians and other minorities, both religious and ethnic, fear the enactment of a “one country, one law” concept will lead to more persecution in Sri Lanka. Judging by the appointments to the presidential task force, it seems that the “one country, one law” concept would heavily favor the country’s Buddhist majority, who overwhelmingly supported the current government in the 2019 elections.
Jesustoday.lk, a news website, said that the “one country, one law” concept is likely to be a dangerous slogan that will erase the diversity of Sri Lanka. The publication went on to say that the concept will likely make the will of the majority the only law.
For interviews, please contact Addison Parker: press@persecution.org.
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Please pray for Christians attacked by Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria.
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Jesus Christ may your mighty hand strike the persecutors Amen.
Prayers and time to build some walls and fortifications!
God pless and saves Nikeria Christ Jesus name
These evil people think that they are helping their god who actually are …………….. and cowards and will get their rewards when they face Almighty God in the Judgement seat

Get out of there then
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Please pray for the rescue of 17 Christian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti.
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Authorities Search for 17 Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti | Persecution
Authorities in Haiti continue to search for a group of 17 Christians, including five children, who were kidnapped Oct. 16, 2021, while on assignment with Christian Aid Ministries.

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Dear Lord free your beloved captives. May Your mighty hand be against the persecutors Amen 🙏
Pray for their safety and God will help them in their present situation. Amen.
May God rescue and protect his people
Lord Jesus in your mercy protect and relive the kidnaped from clutches of percuters. Give victory over the enime let your power glory manifested through them thanking you lord Jesus Amen
Father pls send yr angels to surround & protect yr children in captivity. Pls lead the govt or rescuers to save yr previous children! We claim yr promise that You will never forsake them. In Jesus' mighty name amen!
Thank you for sharing and keeping us informed.
I pray for their freedom and the Lord's project upon everyone of them
Praying 🙏
Praying 💓
66 Christians worshippers were abducted in a Baptist church in kaduna state, Nigeria… Two shot dead already… Pray for their release….
Lord have ur mercy
Gods Hand is upon them
May the angels of the Lord come and rescue them ,we pray 🙏🙏🙏
What??? Haiti??
Пусть Сила возвратить всех христиан домой, во Имя Христа
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Today is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted. Please join us in prayer for our persecuted brother and sister.
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Praying for God's Healing and comfort. In Jesus Christ precious name Amen.
Praying to Our Beloved Families in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen!!!
Please pray for me and charity work
Dear God protect and save our persecuted brethren , and send your mighty Spirit to enlighten the persecutors and deliver them from the clutches of the devil and his legions 🙏🙏🙏
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Please pray that the political change in Morocco will help the country’s Christians.
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Former Ruling Moderate Islamist Party Loses in Moroccan Elections | Persecution
10/18/2021 Morocco (International Christian Concern) – Morocco’s September 2021 national elections may suggest hope for the country’s Christians and religious minorities. …

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