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Charges against PM Henry, now banned from leaving Haiti, requested in Moïse murder

The chief prosecutor in charge of investigating of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has called for charges against Haitian Prime Minister and de facto leader Ariel Henry for his alleged role in the killing. 

Prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude had invited Henry to an interview on Tuesday morning to probe the prime minister’s connection to a major suspect in the assassination. The meeting was scheduled to take place at the Court of First Instance, usually used for preliminary questioning of suspects who have been arrested.

After the hearing, the Associated Press reported Claude’s request for charges. Claude also banned Henry from leaving Haiti. 

“There are enough compromising elements … to prosecute Henry and ask for his outright indictment,” Claude wrote

A travel prohibition order signed by Claude and addressed to Haiti’s immigration director Joseph Cianciulli was leaked to social media on Sept. 14. 

Henry “is prohibited from leaving by air, sea and land the national territory for serious presumptions of assassination of the President of the Republic Mr. Jovenel Moise,” read the document. 

Prime Minister Henry did not immediately make a public comment on the pending charges or his travel ban. 

As chief prosecutor of the Moïse investigation, Claude sought to question Henry over multiple calls the prime minister made on the morning of July 7 to Joseph Felix Badio, a former justice ministry official and major suspect in the assassination who is still at large. 

Starting shortly after 4 a.m. on July 7, Henry made two calls to Badio, who was in the vicinity of the president’s home outside Port-au-Prince at the time.

More than 40 suspects are in custody over the assassination, including Haitian former law enforcement officials and 18 Colombian former soldiers, the Associated Press has reported. 
Two days before his July assassination, Moise nominated Henry to fill the prime minister role.

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