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Another burning issue with CARICOM is the situation in a member state, Haiti. The impoverished nation is facing much turbulence including the current political impasse as well as security and socio-economic challenges. Speaking on the issue was former Chairman, Gastone Browne, who asserted that Haiti cannot be left behind.
Gaston Browne, Outgoing Chairman, CARICOM: “Approximately eight months ago, hardly had I assumed my responsibilities as Chairman of CARICOM than we had the tragic news of the assasination of one of our colleagues, the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse. This was an event almost unheard of in our region but a tragic reminder that our region is not immune from the forces of instability and criminality swirling around the world. Barely had Haiti come to terms with the tragic loss of her president than she was struck with an earthquake followed shortly by the passage of Tropical Storm Grace. Haiti is certainly among the priorities. We need to work with Haiti in helping to resolve the deteriorating political situation in the country and the deepening public anxiety over citizen security. Our community has been engaged with Haiti at the highest political level and has offered to assist in crafting a Haitian led solution to the present crisis that will garner the support of all the political forces in Haiti as well as the international community. Citizen security and political legitimacy are what Haiti needs and without these vital elements, Haiti’s economic and social prospects will remain grim. I am hoping that our community can be the bridge to the United Nations and other major organisations of the international community to bring these needed elements to Haiti as well as our strong measure of humanitarian assistance rigorously applied.”


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