Cap-Haitien priest killed, Port-au-Prince bank executive kidnapped in separate incidents – Haitian Times

The Haitian Times
Bridging the gap
Armed bandits killed Father André Sylvestre, parish priest of Notre Dame de La Mercie in Cap-Haitien, on Monday after he carried out a bank transaction.
The armed individuals shot at Sylvestre, striking him four times, as they tried to take his suitcase. He was rushed to the Justinien Hospital in Cap-Haitien, but the 70-year-old clergyman died of his injuries soon after. Read more
Earlier in the day Sept. 6, armed bandits kidnapped Capitale Bank executive, in another indication of the crime potentially resuming after a lull following the Aug. 14 earthquake.
Bernard Cameau, director of the Capitale Bank branch located between Rue des Miracles and Rue Pétion, was entering his office in downtown Port-au-Prince when heavily-armed individuals sprang upon him.
It is unclear if the kidnappers have asked for a ransom. No one has yet to claim responsibility for the act. Read more
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by The Haitian Times, The Haitian Times
September 7, 2021
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