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Bridging the gap
An association of health care providers set up a roadside tent in Cap-Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city, to offer free or low-cost care to residents.
CAP-HAITIEN — An association of doctors and other health care providers, called “Health Care to Those in Need,” have started to offer free or affordable health care to residents who have no access to health care across the city. 
The association began its work June 25 by installing a tent on the  main boulevard. More than 30 people, mostly children and teenagers, received a medical examination, vitamins, medication and a meal. Children who live on the streets and others who are destitute have received most of the services from the initiative, a member of the group said..
“Health is a condition, so there’s a need for continuity,” said Dr. Jynson Lauredant, a member of the association. “Health isn’t not an asset you can buy and it stays yours forever.”
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Local businesses provided some financial support for this service, Dr lauredant added. The organization intends to establish a permanent center to offer free, regular health care services to residents in the coming years. 
“We would like to build other programs as well where people can learn to read and write, to be part of this society that can serve as a model for the future,” Lauredant added. 
In many cities across Haiti, children often take to the street to survive or help support their families. Some children beg for help, others act as gofers to earn meals or little cash and still others are forced into various odd jobs to the detriment of their health and education. After emerging in the 1990s in Port-au-Prince, the sight of children on the street has spread to municipalities near Haiti’s capital and larger towns such as Cap-Haitien and Jacmel. 
Meanwhile, access to health care across Haiti and it has worsened. Doctors can’t travel as much due to road blockade by gangs and some medical missions stopped. …
Many of the children appreciate this gesture, especially two of them who were injured in the foot, did not have the means to care for their injury. 
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