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Official selections for the 2022 Frontières Platform have been announced! Frontières is an international co-production market and networking platform with a focus on genre film financing and co-production between Europe and North America, organized by the Fantasia International Film Festival, in partnership with the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes.
The two "categories" if you will, are the Proof of Concept presentation, which showcases a selection of genre projects in advanced financing stages. Producers and directors present their original proof of concept teasers to prospective financiers, sales agents and distributors. While the Frontières Buyers Showcase presents works-in-progress and recently completed films seeking international distribution, festival selection, and/or sales representation. Judging from the official synopsis of this year's selected projects, we have some very cool movies coming our way, from filmmakers all over the world.
Frontières executive director Annick Mahnert says, “This year we got double the submissions that we did last year," and also adds, “And the quality is just amazing, and from countries where we’ve had few submissions in the past in terms of genre.” Countries like Turkey, Algeria, and Pakistan.
Aside from being giddy with excitement over increased submissions and filmmakers from countries we don't typically get to see a ton of films from, we are perhaps most excited by Mahnert's claim that horror will be heavily represented, “There’s a lot of horror, and it kind of goes back to practical effects, and I love that." You know we're suckers for practical effects! Mahnert says, “Practical effects are coming back, which is great." We couldn't agree more.

It sounds like a real standout proof of concept is going to be Gnomes! from the Netherlands, which is described as "a horror film about gnomes who murder curious humans and turn them into sausage while they’re still alive. The film boasts producer and art department master Richard Raaphorst (Frankenstein’s Army), who brought the gnomes to life."

We are so excited that our FANGORIA studios project Roqia is included with these awesome titles, other proof of concepts we are particularly excited to check out are Serial Kitten, and Street Trash from Ryan Kruger— the same dude who brought us the absolutely bonkers Fried Barry. If you haven't seen that one yet, go check it out on Shudder. Some of the Buyers Showcase titles we are looking forward to: Falling Stars, In Flames, Junction Row. But really, this whole list seems to be filled with bangers and we are just excited to celebrate genre film and filmmakers. Check out the complete list below.

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