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Saúl ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Faced, again, with Caleb plant At the official weight of the pre-fight big fight that will take place this Saturday, it is the perfect integration of Super Middleweight. The two boxers said everything to each other during the clash in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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As ‘Canello’ approached the confrontation with his three belts, Bland received him with constant insults, to which the Guadalajara militant responded because he remained silent and responded to every crime of the Americans. .
As happened at the presentation of the fight last September, to prevent things from escalating, members of both sides left the level in the middle of the tables and did not let them get close.
However, as the seconds went by the insults and word exchanges increased. Both Alvarez and Plant had a little more than a minute to spare, and even more so, this Saturday, November 6 the fight heated up.
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Meanwhile, in the game, both of them passed the criteria exam without any problem The ‘Canelo’ weighed 168 pounds, while the plant recorded 167 pounds, So they have no problem with the last challenge before the big fight.
It should be noted that it is Mexican, on September 21, in the presentation of the fight ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Caleb plant The punches were thrown before speaking to the media. The two fighters went to the stage facing each other and exchanged words before it.CanelloThe plant reacts by pressing.
Plant The Mexican responded by throwing a blow to the head that avoided impact on the face Caleb Before the security guards intervened and separated them.
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