Byesville resident among the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti, Rep. Johnson calls for President Biden’s intervention – WTRF

OHIO (WTRF) – A group of missionaries kidnapped in Haiti remain in very serious danger this evening. Several of the missionaries are from Ohio, including one believed to be from Guernsey County.
7NEWS spoke to Ohio Representative Bill Johnson about the situation. Johnson’s office tells us that the individual from Guernsey County is from Byesville, and believed to be associated with a church there.

Johnson is calling this incident a failure of the Hatian Government. Johnson, along with over 30 other Republican lawmakers is calling on the Biden Administration to rescue these missionaries, using the full weight of American military force if necessary. The letter points out that of the 17 missionaries, 16 are American, one is Canadian, and it’s believed that 5 are children.
“There are children involved here. I think the youngest one if I’ve got it right is 8 years old, the oldest child is 15 years old, they need to be brought home. They went there with the intention of spreading the gospel; the good news about Jesus Christ, and this is what they get when they get there.”
Johnson, and other lawmakers believe that it’s critical for the United States to do what is necessary to protect American citizens, especially after the pull-out from Afghanistan in August that saw a large amount of citizens left in Taliban-controlled territory.
Stay with 7NEWS for updates on this developing situation.
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